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Bunny Bungalow

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BUNNY BUNGALOW has been designed especially for rabbits.  This cute cardboard playhouse is decorated with pictures of rabbits, carrots, and cabbages.  BUNNY BUNGALOW is a great place for your bunny to play, snack, nap or just get away from it all.  BUNNY BUNGALOW is made of durable recycled cardboard with a solid bottom, a solid back wall, a front door, a door on each end, and a door going up to the roof.  BUNNY BUNGALOW easily folds together and measures 20-1/2" L x 12-3/8"W x10-1/4" H. ( This product is oversized and has a slightly higher shipping rate.)

We realized that our shipping cardboard cover will turn into a great homemade rabbit tunnel.  When you receive you Bunny Bungalow, simply make score every 6" across the short width, and then "roll" up with two ends over lapping on the bottom.  Tape the ends on the outside with packaging tape only on the outside, not inside where your bunny will chew it.    You can even poke hole in the tunnel's roof and hang treats or wicker rings.  Try putting a carrot in the tunnel to get your bunny interested in going in the first time.

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