Natural toys to bring out the FUNNY in your BUNNY


Welcome to our online store!  We're sure you'll be able to find the perfect toy to please your bunny, whatever their play style may be.

At Funny Bunny Toy Company we design and handcraft all of our original wooden toys with one goal in mind, to bring out the FUNNY in your BUNNY. Our toys are made from hardwoods that contain no finishes or dyes, and are assembled using non-toxic glue, and 100% natural cotton rope.  We use only the safest and most natural materials to produce our toys. Our wood is sustainably resourced in the U.S.

Toys are an important part of your bunny's life.  Toys provide entertainment, mental stimulation, exercise, and they are a fun way to keep your bunny's teeth in shape.

Our products have been bunny tested by shelter bunnies and given a special seal of approval by Wallace and Sophie, our original design bunnies, Artemis and Einstein, Francois, BoBo the kitty who gives his paw of approval to the rolling toys, and also Henry McPhee our newest tester who is an 11 y/o rescue kitty.



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