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Hi, I'm Einstein, that's me on the right with the brown ears..  Artemis and I had our photo taken at the House Rabbit Society for their Beach Bunny Day. 


I'm an Angora rabbit, and mommy adopted me from Auntie Heather at The Rabbit Haven Rescue.  Mommy saw my photo on the Haven's website and someone drove me all the way from  the Santa Cruz area to bring me to my new Mommy and my new sister Artemis and my kitty Mr. BoBo


I was only 8 months old when I was adopted and Artemis was 3 years old.  Artemis was pretty but I didn't know if I could trust her when I first met her.  I had been through a lot with a long car ride, a new house, a new kitty, a new mommy, and I was very scared so I nipped at Artemis.  In fact I was a little naughty for quite a while nipping and chasing her, but now I really love Artemis and we snuggle almost all the time.  Mommy call us siamese twins because we are always laying together and touching a part of each other.


I have a  health problem called Chronic Stasis.  I have to take some liquid medicine twice a day.  I love my medicine, it tastes fruity.  I stand up and mommy puts the tip of the syringe in my mouth and shoots it in and I swallow it like a good boy.  I don't have to get chased around and held down like some other bunnies.  I also get prozyme and Petromalt everyday to help my digestion and to keep fur moving through since I have such long hair.  Poor Artemis swallows a lot of my hair too when she washes me, but she only has to have Petromalt once a week.  She is jealous because it's yummy so she licks the last bit off mommy's finger when I'm done.  There have been several times when I have been very seriously ill with my stasis and had to keep going to see Dr. Bynum my veterinarian.  Then mommy has to give me SubQ fluids and injections of antibiotics.  I really hate that because those needles hurt my back.  I have been doing pretty good lately, I've only had to have the fluids and Critical Care powdered food about every six months.


I help mommy with her toy business too, just like Artemis.  We get to play with new toys and parts and then mommy just asks us which ones we like the most.   It's a great job.  I know I am pretty spoiled here.  Mommy gets lots of yummy greens for Artemis and me at the Farmer's Market.  Sometimes she gets so many free carrot tops from the farmers that they won't even all fit in my drawer in the refrigerator, so we donate them to the bunnies at our local animal shelter or sometimes the House Rabbit Society.  I like helping other bunnies.


Since I am an Angora rabbit and have really long hair, mommy has to spend extra time grooming me or I get big mats in my fur.  They hurt and don't look nice.  I'm a really good and patient boy and sit still while mommy grooms me.


My favorite foods are kale, fennel, dandelion, and parsley.


My hobbies are chewing on straw mats, finding great hiding places, chewing cardboard, and napping. 


I was born in 2005. 

Sweet Einstein passed on December 10, 2011.  He will be dearly missed and remain forever in our hearts.  Artemis was broken hearted, stopped eating, and her vet said she needs a new mate.  After many dates she finally met her Francois, aka Frito.  It was instant heavy like, Artemis can't stop grooming him and he loves it.  See more about Francois on his own page, coming soon.