Francois' Page

Hi, my name is Francois, I'm 7 years old.  My nickname is Big Boy because I am a big French Lop / Flemish Giant mix. 

I used to live with a family as an only bunny so I didn't know what a big boy I was until I came to live with Artemis, she only weighs 3 pounds.  I had been turned back in to The Rabbit Haven, and was waiting for a new home.  Artemis had recently lost her long time mate and came to meet me and Auntie Heather at an adoption fair and Artemis and I hit it off instantly!  I really liked having another bunny.  I came home with Artemis and my new Mommie the very same day.  I have my own kitty cat, Mr. Bo Bo, he is even the same size as me but with shorter ears and a longer bushy tail.  (Francois' new mate Artemis died 9 months later at the age of 10 from kidney failure.)

A few weeks after I came to live here I wasn't feeling too well.  I had a bad bladder infection, my hind legs got weak and I couldn't jump into my litter box so I got a new one with the front cut down especially for me.  I had a high fever of 105 and had to take antibiotics for 6 months.   My vet, Dr. Harvey, thought I might have some terrible sounding things like E. Cunniculi or cancer and I had lots of tests and x-rays and took a lot of medicine and subQ fluids.  Finally after 6 months I stopped the antibiotics and now I have strength back in one leg but not totally in the other, and my bladder is ok except some crystals and I leak sometimes but everyone pretends not to notice so I'm not embarrassed.  Dr. Harvey has decided that I have some neurological problem that is a mystery but I feel ok now.

My favorite hobby is eating, I love everything except cantelope.  I even start eating my greens right out of the grocery bags when they arrive home from the market.

I also love tossing things around.  Anything I find I will toss it across the room; toys, paper plates, baskets, my empty food bowl.  My very favorite thing to do is to stand up and grab fresh parsley out of the veggie drawer in the refrigerator.  It tastes best straight from the drawer.

I like to stand up real tall and put my paws almost up to my Mommie's hips, I am so big and tall.  When I flop over to sleep and stretch myself out I am at least 3 feet long.  I have a pure white tummy that I only show off when I sleep.

I love having my ears rubbed it makes me purr.  Digging in the litter box and tossing out all the litter and hay is another thing I just love to do, it makes a great noise.  Ripping up newspapers is also a lot of fun.

I like living here, it's a bunny's dream having all the toys I could ever want!