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FUNNY BUNNY TOY COMPANY was started in 1997 by Kerry Sullivan and her two bunnies Wallace and Sophie with her first product the BUNNY BUNGALOW.  With the company's goal " to bring out the FUNNY in your BUNNY", FUNNY BUNNY TOY COMPANY expanded it's product line to include wooden toys.

Growing up in Oakland, California, Kerry has had a life long love of animals, getting her first two rabbits when she was eight years old.  Since childhood, she has created handmade toys for her pets, so this is a natural progression turning a hobby into a business

Kerry has formerly worked as an Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic, EKG Technician, and has taught Medical Assisting at a vocational college.  She enjoyed volunteering at the Oakland Zoo in Oakland, CA for five years, and continues to help out as a member of the House Rabbit Society, donating toys, and volunteered with the Hayward Rabbit Rescue effort.

Kerry became disabled following a chemical exposure at work, which caused her to develop numerous allergies to chemicals and foods, severe asthma, migraines, and Scleroderma.

In 1996, Kerry was fortunate to enter a program at the Center for Independent Living in Berkeley, CA, which provided grants for disabled people to start their own home business.  Kerry chose to combine her creative side with her love of animals, and create a line of toys and products specifically for house rabbits.  Needing to make these products from natural materials that were safe for her health also insured that the toys were also safe for bunnies.

Kerry Sullivan currently lives in the Oakland hills in California with her cat,  Mr. BoBo, and her giant French Lop/Flemish Giant mix rabbit, Francois who is 10 years old.

Wallace and Sophie were adopted from HRS Oakland Chapter in 1996.  They helped in the development of all of FUNNY BUNNY TOY COMPANY'S products, and hope that your bunnies will enjoy them too!  Francois is now the CTO (Chief Toy Officer), in charge of testing and supervising assembly of all of our toys. 


Wallace, Sophie, and Binky all passed away in 2005.  They are gone but not forgotten.

Artemis who was hand picked by Sophie to be her new mate, and Artemis' new mate Einstein went on to become head product testers and Mr. BoBo's dearest friends.

After Einstein's passing in 2011, Artemis picked Francois to be her new mate.  She met dozens of bunnies before selecting her giant companion.  Artemis passed away in 2012 at the age of 10. 

Francois now lives happily with his kitty companion Mr. BoBo.




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