Artemis' Page
Bunny Bio




Hi, I'm Artemis.  My name means Goddess of Wildlife.  I'm a Florida White rabbit.


I was in a shelter for a while in Silicon Valley, then I came to stay with the nice people at the House Rabbit Society.  They love me very much.   One day a very pretty little bunny named Sophie and her mommy came to meet me.  Sophie was very sad because her brother bunny had just died.  I liked her very much and hoped she would pick me to be her new friend.   Sophie came several times to meet me over the next two weeks and finally I got to go to my new new forever home with her!  I was then very sad because the next week poor Sophie died due to rough handling by a vet tech.  My new mommy was so sad, but I tried hard to cheer her up.


I was adopted in November 2005 and I came to my new home just in time for Christmas.  Gosh what a lot of fun it was going from living at shelters to having a home of my own and lots of love and presents!  Soon after Christmas my mommy adopted a little boy bunny named Einstein to be my friend.  He wasn't too nice at first, he nipped me a lot, but now we love each other so much.


I also have a kitty at my house named Mr. BoBo.  He's orange and he is my good friend.  I like to sit at the screen door with him and watch birds out in the yard.  We both stay inside and would never hurt a bird, but we like to see what they are up to, it's really fun watching them splash in their bird batch. Then I nap, sometimes I snuggle with my kitty, or sometimes with my brother Einstein


Einstein and I have jobs too.  We test all the new toys that mommy designs.  That is a pretty fun job to tell the truth.  A couple times I've been naughty and I got into some toys and parts that I wasn't supposed to and chewed them up, hehehe, I didn't get in trouble though, I never do.


At night I have a little mat at the foot of mommy's bed where I sleep with Einstein.  My kitty sleeps there too sometimes, or when it's cold he goes under the covers, he doesn't have as much warm fur as we do.


After living in a tiny cage at shelters for a couple years I don't even have a cage anymore,  Einstein and I just get to hop around the house anywhere we want.  Mommy tries to make sure everything is safe and covers up wires and things like that.  I am so happy now at my forever home, I wish every bunny could find a home and not have to live in a shelter.


My favorite foods are fennel, dill, and swiss chard.


My hobbies include bird watching, staring at myself in the mirrored closet doors, dancing, spinning and doing ballet on mommy's / my bed, watching TV on the sofa, and digging in newspapers.


A lady never reveals her true age but I was born sometime around 2002.