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Funny Bunny Toy Company - Summer 2020

Summer Greetings,

I hope you’re enjoying your summer and staying well. It’s been very hot here in the California Central Valley. It’s 114 degrees here this week, and we are plagued with smoke and wildfires all over the state from lightening strikes.

The House Rabbit Society in Richmond, CA is kindly taking in bunnies from shelters in the area. Taking in shelter bunnies frees up room so the shelters can house pets of those needing to evacuate. HRS always steps up to help whenever bunnies are in need.

I hope your summer is a bit less eventful and your bunnies are staying cool with the help of air conditioning, fans, and a nice chilled tile for your bunny to sit on. Bunnies don’t do well if the temperature gets over 85 degrees, they can have a heat stroke.

Bunnies don’t have those adorably cute big ears merely to hear the sound of treats or to hear the refrigerator door opening. Bunny’s ears are how they dissipate heat. The quickest way to cool off a bunny is by misting their ears or rubbing their ears with an ice cube. Make sure the water doesn’t go inside their ears as it will not only tickle, but could cause an infection.

We have a lot in common with our bunnies right now. No, it’s not our big ears, big feet, or even whiskers. We are both at risk of contracting deadly viruses. We are at risk of contracting COVID-19, and our bunnies are at risk of contracting RHDV (Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus).

Our bunnies need to social distance just as we do. However, bunnies need to stay in lockdown. Bunny lockdown is more restrictive; bunnies can’t go out to run any errands. Bunnies should not even go outside if they live in an area where RHDV has been reported. For now it’s safest to keep your bunnies inside rather than cooling off on the lawn in an ex-pen.

Since your bunnies won’t be allowed out, and may be pouting, you can make it up to them with a special summer treat which will cool them off.

Make your bunny some Carrot Pops. The recipe is very simple. You’ll need an ice cube tray, the leafy tops from 1 or 2 carrots, and a 2” piece of carrot. Dice up the carrots and carrot tops. Place the pieces in the ice cube tray with a bit of the pieces protruding from the top of the tray for bunny to grab. Then add water to fill each ice cube section of the ice cube tray. Place in the freezer until hardened, about 2 hours. Present a Carrot Pop to your bunny. Most bunnies love crunching on ice cubes and they are safe for their teeth. Serve a Carrot Pop in a ceramic dish so it doesn’t melt on the floor.

Those who have long hair rabbits like Angoras, American Fuzzy Lops, or Lion Heads will need to learn to trim their own bunny’s fur this summer. It’s not safe to go to a groomer right now, and many groomers are closed. If you’ve never trimmed your bunny’s long fur before, it’s not too hard. There are many YouTube videos to help you. In fact I looked up some YouTube videos to help me trim my own hair since all the salons here are closed. I must say that my hair looks like a herd of rabbits came in while I was sleeping and nibbled off the ends of my hair. But trust me you can’t mess up your bunny’s hair. Your bunny will still look adorable no matter what you do (unlike a self-haircut).

While I’ve been on lockdown I got out my sewing machine and started sewing up masks to donate to hospitals and animal shelters. I was ordering fabric and I came across some adorable bunny fabric and just had to make some masks to add to my website. I hope you’ll check them out and maybe get one. When I wear mine I always have people ask me about bunnies and it’s a great opportunity to spread the word about what great house pets rabbits make. You can check out my bunny masks at this link:

This month’s Funny Bunny Toy Company Contest’s winner was a big surprise! Two absolutely adorable rats entered our contest. We’ve never had a rat enter or win before so this was very exciting. Check out our adorable winners, Storm and Bolt, on our contest page:

While you’re visiting our contest page be sure to enter your own bunny in our contest for a chance to win a free toy.

Until next time, stay cool, stay safe, and stay healthy,


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