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Funny Bunny Toy Company Holiday Newsletter 2021

Hoppy Holidays!

I hope this newsletter finds you and your bunnies doing well and getting ready for the holiday season. The holidays are always an especially fun time of year. There is so much going on, decorating, cooking, entertaining, and possibly a little travel.

All these activities can affect your fur babies. We all want to make it a fun and safe holiday season for our family which includes our pets. When you decorate for the holidays keep your bunnies in mind. Try to see things from their viewpoint. If something is accessible to your bunnies it must be safe for them to nibble. Most of the shiny baubles are not safe but they are very tempting. If you are going to have a holiday tree or holiday plants make sure to get ones that are bunny safe or that you keep them away from your curious bunny with a puppy gate to block off the room.

The same goes for chocolates and sugary treats when entertaining. Chocolates can be deadly to rabbits, and sugar can cause digestive upset and even stasis.

Why not give your bunny some special holiday decorations of their own to enjoy for the holiday season? You can cut a bunch of brown paper grocery bags into 4” squares. Then fold the squares over and over until you have a tiny square. Then snip out little pieces along the edge. When you unfold them, you’ll have cute bunny safe snowflakes for your bunnies to chew or dig in. You probably remember making these out of construction paper in elementary school, but brown bags or Kraft paper is bunny safe.

You can also make your bunny their own holiday tree out of paper towel rolls. Use one roll for the tree trunk. With scissors or an exacto knife, cut slits into the side of the paper towel roll. The slits will be to insert the branches. If you have bunny safe twigs insert them, if not then use another paper towel roll to cut little branches for your tree. You could even cut a little cardboard star to insert into the top of the roll. Your bunnies can have a blast playing with and chewy on their own homemade bunny safe holiday tree.

Funny Bunny Toy Company has some bunny safe holiday items for your bunny. We have little wooden ornaments for your bunny’s pen in tree, star, and snowman shapes. We also have soft pine chews in tree and snowflake shapes. Your bunnies are sure to love one of our holiday favorites which is a 3-D holiday tree which doubles as a top or a chew toy.

We also have many star toys and rattles that will make great stocking stuffers for your special bunnies.

Our newest toy just in time for the holidays is our Super Cholla Star Rattle. It’s a 3” rattle made with natural cholla and hardwood stars. It’s a great toy with several textures to chew and it’s small enough to toss a round. You can see it on our website:

Our wooden holiday ornaments come individually or as a trio:

Our Star Ring Rattle is a hit all year long. This is a fun toy for bunnies who like to make a little noise shaking their toys:

If your bunny prefers hanging toys over rattles they'll enjoy our Hanging Stars & Willow Balls:

Please visit our website and check out our entire selection of toys for the holidays and all year long:

While you’re on our website don’t forget to enter your bunny in our contest for a chance to win a free toy in our monthly drawing:

While you are making cookies and treats for your family and friends this holiday season, don’t forget to make something special just for your bunnies. You can find many recipes online.

If you are feeling crafty this holiday season, why not make some Bunny Pinecone Treats? If you don’t have access to pesticide free pinecones you can purchase them inexpensively online.

Bunny Pinecone Treats Recipe

Serves 2

2 small pinecones

½ cup whole oats (not instant)

½ cup timothy pellets

Grind up the oats and pellets into coarse dust

Put the oat and pellet mixture on a sheet of waxed paper or newspaper

Stand up the pinecones and spoon or roll the oat/pellet mixture into the spaces between the pinecone leaves/scales

You can substitute ground up hay or add some dried ground herbs if you’d like to make fancier pinecone treats.

Bun Appetite!

Funny Bunny Toy Company sends wishes for a wonderful holiday season to you and your bunnies, and our warmest wishes for a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year!!