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Funny Bunny Toy Company - January 2022

Happy New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day (a bit early)

We hope you and your bunnies are well.

In years past our bunnies were one of the few pets than never needed to be vaccinated. Now with the Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus RHDV even our bunnies need vaccinating in many states.

You can find more information about RHDV and find out if your state is affected by visiting the House Rabbit Society’s RHDV article page. You can learn the symptoms and what precautions to take.

As Valentine’s Day approaches thoughts turn to couples, so why not find a mate for your fur baby. If you have a single bunny this is the perfect time to find another animal friend for your bunny. This does not necessarily mean you need to adopt another bunny. Bunnies are happiest having a mate to bond with, however, a kitty or very friendly gentle dog can fill the bill as well.

You can’t expect to just put 2 animals together and expect them to immediately be best friends. Although I have been lucky to have that happen a few times, there usually is a bonding process to go through. If you get another bunny your local House Rabbit Society or rescue will usually help you with the bonding process if you bring your bunny in for “dating” ahead of bringing home the new bunny.

All my kitties were raised with bunnies and have thought they were a rabbit. They would groom “their” bunny, nibble hay at the hay rack and play games with “their” bunny. It is so sweet to watch bonded animals especially interspecies bonded animals.

While you are at work or out doing things, or working from home and sleeping, your bunny will have another animal to play and spend time with. What better Valentine’s Day gift could your bunny receive than their own bunny or kitty? An adult cat would be better than a kitten for your bunny’s safety as kittens can tend to play with sharp claws.

Another great Valentine’s Day gift is Funny Bunny Toy Company’s Willow Hearts Bag. It is a bag of 5 willow hearts, 5 willow rings, and 5 mini willow balls. Your bunny and their friends can have a lot of fun with these willow toy/treats. Kitties tend to love willow balls. My kitty sure does.

Here is a link to our Willow Heart Bag:

Your bunny deserves a special Valentine’s Day salad for dinner to share with a bunny friend

Valentine’s Radicchio Salad

(Serves 2)

1 Small head Radicchio lettuce

1 Small head of Red Butter lettuce or Red Chard

Red Clover Sprouts or any Sprouts


Take leaf of Radicchio off head and leave whole for a bowl.

Repeat for a second bowl.

Shred a little remaining Radicchio, Red Butter Letter, and/or Red Swiss Chard.

Fill Radicchio bowls with shredded greens.

Top with sprouts.

Bun Appétit

Don’t forget to enter your bunny in Funny Bunny Toy Company’s contest for a chance to win a free toy.

While you’re on the link check out this month’s winners Nicki and Nivio from the Rabbit Haven Rescue.

We hope you and your bunnies have a wonderfully Hoppy Valentine’s Day!!

Until next time,

Kerry, Henry, and Amber