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Funny Bunny Toy Company Newsletter - Winter 2006

We are happy to welcome a new member to our staff here at
Funny Bunny Toy Company. We signed adoption papers for
Artemis our foster bunny on Christmas Day, making her a
part of our family as well as the newest member of our
design team.

Wallace and Sophie our dear bunnies that helped start Funny
Bunny Toy Company 9 years ago both passed away the end of
2005. We will miss them and love them always.

We have a new foster bunny named Einstein. He is a
gorgeous French Angora mix. We are hoping to bond him with
Artemis so that she will have a life long mate. They are
still not sure if they like or trust each other, but I’m
keeping my fingers crossed that they will be the best of
friends very soon.

This past November we had fun fostering 7 baby bunnies for
Oakland Animal Services in Oakland, CA. The babies were 4
weeks old. What a busy bundle of fur they were. It was a
lot of fun, and a good way to help out our local animal

Please consider adding fostering to your New Year’s
Resolution List. Your local shelter is probably in
desperate need of temporary foster homes. It’s horrible
that so many rabbits are euthanized every year because they
can’t find a home or a temporary foster home.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and what better
time to show your bunnies how much you love them.

We have some fun new Valentine’s toys and some wooden heart
classics that your bunny is sure to love. Please click on
this link to go to our website to view the new additions to
our toy line.

Don’t your bunnies deserve a special romantic meal for
Valentine’s Day? We thought so, which is why we created
this special recipe just for bunnies. We wanted to use all
red “greens” to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Bunny Valentine’s Day Salad (Serves two)

Radicchio – 2 leaves

Red Swiss chard – 2 leaves

Red Dandelion Leaves – 4 leaves

Beet tops – 2 - 4 leaves

Red Romaine – 2 leaves

Red Butter Lettuce – 2 leaves

Red apple slice for garnish - 2

Reserve the 2 Red Butter Lettuce leaves to use as “bowls”.

Finely chop all the greens into thin strips.
Arrange chopped greens in Red Butter Lettuce “bowls”.
Top each salad with a one inch slice of red apple.

Bun Appetit!


Kerry, Artemis and Einstein