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St. Patrick's Day Newsletter -  March 2006

Faith and begorra! It's almost St. Patrick's Day! Time to
break out your green clothes, and celebrate being
Irish!(even if you're not!)

For bunnies it's time to eat lots of Lucky Clover! Did
you know that there is a type of clover named Rabbit-Foot
Clover? Rabbit-Foot Clover has pretty white or pale pink
fuzzy flowers that resemble a rabbit's foot. Why not plant
one of the many clover varieties that are available
in your garden this spring? Your bunnies will be very
happy to get fresh clover. Some clover sprouts in your
kitchen would make a nice treat too.

Our own wee lassie, Artemis, and our wee laddie, Einstein,
have been making good progress with their bonding. We
rarely have nipping anymore. The two of them are spending
4 - 6 hours of supervised time together each day. There
still been no mutual grooming, although they will play and
eat together. They also share each other's litter boxes
and sleeping mats. When no one is home, and at night, they
are back in their ex-pens. Hopefully, they will be fully
bonded and living together in another month or two. At this
point Artemis and Einstein are only allowed the run of two
rooms, even though they both have impeccable litter box
habits. I want to keep them confined to areas without
hiding places or anywhere that a little nip could escalate
without my being able to intervene. I hope to eventually
have them live "free-range" like Wallace and Sophie did,
with the run of the entire house and no cages or ex-pens.

Keeping with our St. Patrick's Day theme, we have created a
special recipe for your bunnies.

Lucky Leprechaun Lagomorph Luncheon
( Serves 2 )

2 Cups Lucky Clover Sprouts *

6 - 8 Blarney Stones ( Golden Raisins )

2 Small outer cabbage leaves

Fill cabbage leaves with Lucky Clover Sprouts and sprinkle
with Blarney Stones.

* May substitute Alfalfa or any other sprouts that your
farmer's market may have.

Bun Appetit!

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Clover Rattle. Shamrocks and Lucky Clovers aren't just for
St. Patrick's Day, our cute 3" Lucky Clover Rattle will be
a hit with your wee lad or lassie all year long.

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Until next time, our best to you and your bunnies,

Kerry, Artemis and Einstein