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Spring Newsletter April 2006

Spring is in the air, and flowers are in the garden!

Bunnies love fresh edible flowers. This is a great time to
consider planting some bunny friendly flowers and herbs in
your garden. Many flowers and herbs not only look pretty
but are delicious for both you and your bunny. Your bunny
will enjoy nibbling on nasturtiums, pansies, violets, and
rose petals, and these are great in salads for people you
too. Some fresh herbs that are wonderful as seasonings for
your meal will make a nice topping for your bunny’s greens.
Try growing some of the following herbs and let a few go
to bloom for you and your bunny to enjoy. Some of our
favorites are basil flowers, dill flowers, mint flowers,
and chamomile flowers. IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that any
greens, flowers or herbs that you feed your rabbit have NOT
been sprayed with pesticides!

With Easter quickly approaching please help to do your part
to spread the word about the House Rabbit Society’s
campaign against adopting Easter Rabbits called “Make Mine
Chocolate”. Many people adopt baby bunnies for Easter and
abandon them a few months later thinking that the bunny can
survive in the woods or a city park. Shelters and rescues
are overflowing with teenage bunnies within 4 to 6 months
of Easter. We need to help get the word out that a bunny
isn’t an Easter toy, s/he is a lifelong commitment.

With both spring and Easter in mind we have created a new
toy called Bunny Willow Ring Rattle. This is a charming 3”
rattle which incorporates a 3” mini willow ring, two
chunky ½” thick wooden rabbits, and a wooden ring on a 3”
dowel. Artemis and Einstein love this toy! The wooden
ring provides a nice rattle noise, and the willow ring adds
a nice additional texture to chew in addition to the wooden
rabbits. You can see our new Bunny Willow Ring Rattle at
this link

We have created a delicious fruit treat for your bunny with
some seasonal fruit. As you know bunnies love fruit, but
we need to offer it to them sparingly. Pears have always
been a favorite of mine, as well as a favorite with all of
my bunnies. We hope you enjoy this classic pear salad, my
mother used to make for me.

Pear Rabbits

1 Pear (fresh, not canned)

Small piece of carrot

2 raisins

2 Chard leaves

Cut pear in half. Peel and discard core and seeds. Take
the small piece of carrot and cut it into four julienne
strips about 1/8” wide and 1” to 1-1/2” long. Cut each
raisin in half. Using narrower end of pear as the bunny’s
head, place two carrots in each pear half for the ears, and
two raisin halves in each pear for the bunny’s eyes. Serve
Pear Bunny on a chard leaf.

Each pear half serves 4 bunnies, so this is a nice treat
for you to enjoy with your rabbit if you don't have more
than one or two bunnies. A half a pear is too much fruit
for one bunny.

Bun Appetite!

Thank you for reading our newsletter and for e-mailing all
of the great photos of your adorable bunnies. We really
enjoy seeing them. Please keep them coming!


Kerry, Artemis, and Einstein