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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Funny Bunny Toy Company!

This is a wonderful time of year when families get together
and homes are decorated with many new things to intrigue
your bunny. To insure that this is a happy holiday, not a
dangerous one, just taking a few simple precautions can
help protect your bunny.

The easiest way to keep your bunny safe from the Christmas
tree with all of its tinsel, lights, and decorations is to
keep your bunny out of the room or put an ex-pen around the
tree. You may also try not using tinsel and covering light
cords with plastic covers and only putting decorations high
up on your tree, out of your bunny's reach.

If your tree is not treated with foam, paint, pesticides,
or fire retardant, it is ok for your bunny to nibble at the
tree. You could even hang some of our Funny Bunny Toy
Company wooden ornaments on the bottom branches for your
bunny to chew, or you could hang some in your bunny's cage
to decorate her room for the holidays. We have several
cute wooden ornament shapes such as a snowman, a tree, a
rabbit and a star.

Wrapping paper, presents, ribbons, foil, and other objects
under the tree can also be a hazard for your bunny. We
have created a very safe Ultimate Bunny Gift Box that you
can give your bunny this holiday season. Our Ultimate
Bunny Gift Box contains a large handful of orchard grass, a
handful of oat/alfalfa/and timothy hay cubes, and one of
our holiday rattles (either a Super Cholla Snowmen Rattle,
or Super Willow Tree Rattle). Our gift box is made from
light weight brown Kraft cardboard and is all tied up with
a raffia bow and topped with one of our wooden ornaments.
The box measures 6" x 4-1/2" x 4-1/2.

We have several other fun new holiday toys for your bunny
this year. We have a great new hanging toy called the
Hanging Star-N-Chunky-Willow Chew. This toy has nice
chunks of willow with bark, and wooden stars and makes a
wonderful toy to hang in your bunny's cage for chewing
enjoyment. It is a full 10" long.

We also have several new larger 4-3/4" rattles. We have an
adorable single snowman called Super Snowman Rattle, and
another rattle with two snowmen and a piece of cholla
called Super Cholla Snowmen Rattle. We have a rattle with
a cute wooden tree, called Super Tree Rattle, and another
rattle with two trees and a chunk of willow, with bark,
that we call Super Willow Tree Rattle.

We are excited about adding cholla and the willow with bark
to our toy line. We have also created two rattles that
will be available all year long. These are called the
Super Willow Rattle and the Super Cholla rattle. The
rattles measure 4-3/4" long and have two pieces of either
willow or cholla.

After you have put out all of your lovely seasonal
decorations, try to get down on your hands and knees and
look at things from a rabbit's-eye view. Then remove
anything that is dangerous, or tempting that you don't want
chewed on. Remember that candles, holiday plants,
chocolates, and other treats may be tempting to rabbits,
but can be very hazardous.

We hope you have a great holiday, but remember if your
bunnies don't enjoy entertaining as much as you do, then
put them in their cage or a quiet room where they will feel
safe until your company leaves.

Happy Holidays!

Kerry, Artemis and Einstein
Funny Bunny Toy Company