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Valentine's Newsletter 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

This is a great time of year to consider getting a mate for
your bunny if you don't already have a pair or trio.
Rabbits are much happier living with another rabbit. Your
bunny will love having a new friend to groom, play with,
and snuggle up with on a cold winter's day. Just make sure
the bunnys are both spayed/neutered. Even a single rabbit
should be spayed/neutered to prevent cancer and lengthen
their life.

Many local House Rabbit Society Chapters are having
Valentine's Day "dating" parties to try to set up the
perfect match for your bunny. Your local animal shelter
rabbit volunteers will be able to help you find a match,

Artemis, Einstein and I have been preparing for a big move.
We are going to be moving to a new home, as well as moving
our toy workshop. We were all set to move at the beginning
of this month when we found out that our move will have to
be delayed due to some water damage to the walls and floor
at our new home. Hopefully, we will be able to move in to
our remodeled cottage in late February or early March. We
had hoped to move by the first of January, so as you can
see this has been quite an ordeal.

Artemis, Einstein and I have continued to produce toys, and
have even designed two new toys for Valentine's Day. We
found an adorable large heart shape with ruffled edges, and
created two new rattles featuring this Ruffled Heart.

Please visit our website at this link to see our new heart
toys, and our entire line of handcrafted wooden toys.

Here is a recipe for your bunnys to enjoy this Valentine's

Valentine's Day Salad (this is Einstein's favorite, he
loves radicchio)

Serves 2

Small head of radicchio

1/4 small carrot

1" slice apple

Two leaves of red butter lettuce for bowls

Finely chop the head of radicchio. Grate small amount of
carrot. Dice apple into small chunks. Stir all
ingredients together, divide in half and place in the two
lettuce leaf bowls.

Bun Appetite!

Until next time, we wish you and your bunny much happiness!

Kerry, Artemis, and Einstein