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Happy Holidays!

It's been a while since our last newsletter. We moved last
spring and it took quite a while to get both home and
business unpacked. We've also been really busy getting
ready for the holidays and designing a few new toys.


We are happy to announce that from Nov. 15th – Nov. 25th
that 25% of the retail price of each sale will be donated
to the National House Rabbit Society. We hope you will
take advantage of this offer to stock up on toys and
stocking stuffers for your bunnies and to help the House
Rabbit Society at the same time.


Artemis and Einstein really enjoyed all the greens that we
grew in our Bunny Garden this summer and we had enough that
we were able to share some with our local shelter rabbits.
If you don't have a garden or it's too cold where you live
try growing some snacks for your rabbits like dill,
parsley, and cilantro in a small pot on your windowsill
this winter . If you have a garden or can put larger pots
on a deck then try growing some winter hardy veggies like
romaine lettuce, bok choy, fennel, swiss chard, collard
greens, mustard greens, escarole, frissee, and any other
greens that are a particular favorite of your bunny's.


We all know how playful our bunnies are. One of Artemis
and Einstein's favorite games is Hide and Seek, no, they
don't seek me while I hide. The bunny version of this game
is to hide little pieces of carrots, dried cranberries,
raisins or dried bananas around the house for your bunny to
find. I hate to admit it but I think Artemis and Einstein
are cheaters and watch me hiding the snacks sometimes. I
have resorted to hiding snacks in other rooms while they
are taking their afternoon nap on the couch. When they
wake up they run around and explore looking for their
treasures. It keeps their little minds active. Sometimes
I hide treats, other days I move favorite toys around so
they have to go search for them. Good places to hide
snacks are anywhere they don't have to dig, or jump too
high to find. I place the treats on figurines sitting on
the floor, on the top of their Bunny Bungalow, inside their
homemade cardboard tunnel, next to table legs, on the ledge
of their litter box, in their hay rack, just use your
imagination, it's a fun game for you, your bunnies, and
your kids if you have any.


Our recipe for this newsletter is a holiday themed dish:

Holiday Wreath
(Serves 2 )


Red Swiss Chard

Green Swiss Chard

3 Red Grapes (seedless)

3 Green grapes (seedless)


Finely chop one leaf of red swiss chard

Finely chop one leaf of green swiss chard

Slice grapes into quarters

Mix together both colors of finely chopped swiss chard and
arrange into a “wreath” on a wicker dish or plastic plate.
Sprinkle chopped grapes (holiday berries) around the

Bun Apetite'


Just a reminder to be safe with holiday decorations this
season. Keep all wires, ornaments, tinsel and anything
harmful bunny-proofed and out of bunny's reach. We hope
this is a safe and happy holiday for you and your bunnies.

Happy holidays,

Kerry, Artemis and Einstein