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June 2008


We want to begin this edition of our newsletter by congratulating the House Rabbit Society who will be celebrating their 20th Anniversary this June. The House Rabbit Society has done a marvelous job of rescuing rabbits, educating the public about rabbits, re-homing rabbits and so much more.

To read about the beginnings of the House Rabbit Society and all of the anniversary events they have planned at various chapters, please visit this link on their website

To show our support Funny Bunny Toy Company will be donating 25% of retail profits from our website to the House Rabbit Society during the month of June to celebrate their anniversary. If your bunny needs new toys or has a birthday coming up, this is the perfect time to treat your bunny and to help the rabbits at the House Rabbit Society. We are also donating a huge basket of hay with one of each of our toys to their silent auction which will be held at a dinner celebration on June 21st.

Here in California our fire season has begun. We have had a terrible fire burning in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Many people lost their homes, many more had to be evacuated. The Watsonville Animal Shelter is taking in their pets while the people are waiting to go back to their homes or to find out if they have homes to return to. The Watsonville Shelter is housing many rabbits as well as other smaller animals and could use donations of any blankets, food, greens, bowls or anything you can spare. If you are not in the area to drop off supplies a small donation through PayPal would really help them.

Does your bunny have an unusual companion? Not all bunnies are bonded with another bunny. Some bunnies prefer the company of cats, dogs, guinea pigs, or even stuffed animals. Do you have a photo of your “odd couple”? We’d love to see it.

Artemis and Einstein have a cat named Mr. BoBo that they just adore. Artemis has even invented a game with Mr. BoBo where she leaps back and forth trying to catch his tail, he has a very fluffy long haired tail. Luckily for Artemis he is very good natured and plays along. All three of them do nose kisses, and eat hay together in their hay box. It was really funny when Mr. BoBo took up that habit. I’m not sure if he knows he’s a cat or if he thinks he a rabbit, he’s definitely outnumbered! They all sleep together at the foot of my bed like they are having a big slumber party. If you’d like to send in a story about your rabbit to be included in a future newsletter we’d love to hear from you. Please e-mail us at

Congratulations to Gordon on being selected the winner of this month's free toy contest. If you would like to enter your bunny for a chance to win a free toy please visit our contest page

Artemis and Einstein have been in the taste kitchen and have selected this recipe as a new favorite. Einstein had a bout of stasis last month which left him not wanting to eat, and this whetted his appetite.

Bunny Bird Nest

(Serves 2 – 3)


1 - Medium Carrot

2-3 Seedless Grapes

Grate the carrot. In a ceramic feeding bowl form the grated carrot into a bird nest shape with an indentation in the center. Place the grape “eggs” in the nest.

Bun Appetite!

Until next time, wishing all the best to you and your bunnies!

Kerry, Artemis, and Einstein