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Hoppy Holidays 2008

Seasons Greetings!

We would like to wish you and your bunnies a very happy holiday, and a safe holiday. Our homes look so lovely decorated with holiday items, but some of those beautiful things can be harmful to your bunnies. We are used to keeping our cords covered, but make sure to keep holiday plants, tinsel, ornaments, candles, and any artificial or flame retardant trees away from your bunny.

Yummy holiday treats for humans can be deadly to rabbits. Please be sure to keep any chocolate candies away from rabbits, ingesting chocolate can kill your bunny. Eating wrapped goodies can cause gastric problems.

Your bunny would probably rather stay in her cage or be confined to a quiet room when holiday guests come to visit. It can make some bunnies nervous to have loud noise, music, and strangers around.

Using basic common sense can help all of us and our precious rabbits have a wonderful holiday!

Artemis and Einstein have put their seal of approval on some new stocking stuffers for their rabbit friends. We have some great new chew toys made from a very soft pine wood. For the holidays we have a 2-pack with a tree and a star.

We also have a willow wreath decorated with raffia and wooden stars and a rabbit hanger that is safe for bunnies and fun for them to chew up or use to decorate their cage. It is also cute enough to decorate your home.

Please see our holiday items at this link:

Our recipe for this holiday newsletter features one of Einstein’s favorite greens, dandelions.


(Serves 2 bunnies)

1 bunch of dandelions – either green dandelions or red dandelions

1 Tsp. cranberry pieces (not raw, from the bulk aisle)

Loosely chop the dandelions crosswise. Arrange in a wreath shape on a plate, sprinkle with cranberries bits and serve.

Bun Appetite’

Have a wonderful holiday. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to do business with you in 2009!

Hoppy Holidays,

Kerry, Artemis, and Einstein