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Winter 2010

Seasons Greetings,

We’d like to wish you and your bunnies a wonderful holiday season.

As we’re decorating our homes for the holidays, and stepping back to enjoy the lovely view, our bunnies are doing the same thing but with a slightly different mindset. They are thinking about how they can get over that puppy gate to get at the sparkly tree, or get a bite of those yummy holiday treats.

With a little planning I’m sure you have come up with some great holiday bunny-proofing ideas for your home. An emergency trip to the vet is not something we want during the holidays, or ever.

Poor Einstein recently had to go to the vet for an emergency appointment. He had been making a tiny sneezing sound for about 18 hours so I took him in to his regular vet fearing something bad like Pasturella, and it turned out he had inhaled a piece of hay that was about 3-1/2” long. The vet was barely able to see the tip of it when she looked up his nostril, so she gave him a topical anesthetic and removed the blade of hay with forceps. Leave it to him to get hay up his nose, he has enough problems with his chronic stasis. He’s recovering well, and is taking antibiotics for a sinus infection.

It's hard to believe December is here already and it’s time to shift gears from Thanksgiving to Christmas. If you haven’t found the perfect gift for your bunny, or still need a few stocking stuffers for your bunnies, please take a look at our holiday items.

We have an adorable set of 3 wooden ornaments to decorate your bunny’s cage (they are also cute enough for your tree). The set includes a star, a tree, and a snowman.

We have a great gift pre-wrapped for your bunnies. Our Bunny Gift Box contains orchard grass, a handful of assorted alfalfa, timothy, and oat hay cubes, along with a Super Rattle all tied up in an edible Kraft box with raffia and an ornament on the bow.

We also have a holiday package of soft pine chews that contains a star and a tree.

Please visit our website holiday page to view these items and our main products page to view the rest of our toys.

We will be donating 10% of profits from our website to the House Rabbit Society during the month of December.

The holidays are a great time to try new recipes, so we are including a special holiday recipe in this newsletter for your bunnies.

Christmas Salad

(Serves 2 Bunnies)


4 sprigs of fresh dill
1 leaf of red chard, finely chopped
½ cup baby spinach leaves
4 green grapes, quartered
4 dried cranberries, quartered

Assemble all ingredients, lightly toss and serve.

Bun Appétit

When making your New Year’s resolutions for 2011 I hope you will join me in resolving to spend more time helping out at your local House Rabbit Society chapter or animal shelter. Shelters need volunteers and it’s very rewarding as well as a lot of fun. It makes a big difference in the lives of the animals that are waiting for their forever homes.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year,

Kerry, Artemis, and Einstein

Funny Bunny Toy Company