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Hoppy Holidays 2011

It’s hard to believe the holidays are upon us again and another year has flown by. I guess that's seven years in bunny years!

Artemis turned 9 years old this past November 11th. She is still so playful and full of joy. It’s wonderful to watch her antics. She is always full of surprises and it seems each day brings a new project for her to work on or a new place to explore. She still loves climbing part way up the kitty’s tree, chewing on cardboard and wooden toys, and running around with Mr. BoBo, our Maine Coon kitty, in their own version of tag. Artemis and I always have an afternoon playtime where we toss a toy back and forth for a half hour or more, then she cuddles up for an afternoon nap with Einstein after they snack on a piece of pear.

Einstein is still the sweetest little guy ever. He still has to have daily SubQ fluids but never complains or puts up a fuss. He is a real gentleman and even gives me a nose kiss when we’re done. Einstein turned 6 this year. He still likes to play but is a bit more sedentary than Artemis due to his health issues. Einstein loves being brushed which is a good thing since his angora fur needs a lot of upkeep.

I’m glad Artemis and Einstein have each other to snuggle up and stay warm but bunnies still get cold and I have a little space heater up on the counter to warm things up for them when it’s chilly. Since we’re in the San Francisco, CA area it never gets that cold, and we rarely get snow that lasts more than a few minutes. It does get into the 30’s at night though.

Our bunny vegetable garden produced quite well this year. We tried a few new things like chervil and sun chokes which Artemis and Einstein love. We also grew their favorites like dandelions, fennel, kale, chard, collard, carrots, and several other greens and a few herbs.

This year for the holidays we have brought back some favorites for your bunnies, as well as a new toy.

We have Soft Chews made from soft pine wood in the shape of stars & trees with one of each per packet. Ultimate Holiday Gift Box which is a present full of goodies for your bunny. It includes a large handful of orchard grass hay, alfalfa cubes, timothy cubes, oat/alfalfa cubes, and a jumbo rattle, all tied up with a raffia bow and an adorable wooden ornament in a Kraft gift box. We have a 3-pkg of wooden ornaments to decorate your bunny's cage that include a tree, a star, and a snowman. Our newest toy is our Star Ring Rattle which has stars and rings on an adorable 3” rattle. Please visit our website to see these and the rest of our toys.

During the month of December only we have a special offer Buy 2 Toys and get 1 FREE! So stock up for your bunny for the holidays or buy some for your bunny and donate a FREE toy to your local shelter. Please visit our website for more details.

While you're at our website don't forget to enter your bunny in our toy contest. Each month we have a drawing and the lucky winning bunny receives a free toy and the honor of having his or her adorable photo posted on our Contest Page. Our contest is open to individuals and shelters. Feel free to enter every month.

As we are all enjoying special treats and holiday meals, why not put out a special meal for your bunnies, Artemis and Einstein give this recipe 4 ears.

Red & Green Salad
(serves 2 bunnies)

2 Collard leaves
2 Kale leaves
Cilantro ¼ bunch
Red Delicious Apple

Thoroughly wash all ingredients.

Coarsely chop collard, kale, and cilantro.
Chop a 1” wedge of red apple with skin intact.

Lightly toss all ingredients and serve on a bunny safe dish.

Bun Appetit!

We wish all of you a very happy holiday season and we appreciate your business!

Kerry, Artemis, and Einstein