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Valentine's Day - February 2012


Valentine’s Day is the time of year when we think of romance and dating. This month is the perfect month to visit your local rabbit rescue and try to find a mate for your bunny. Rabbits are much happier having another rabbit to bond with. Getting your bunny a mate will not take away from your bunny’s affection for you, it will end up bringing more joy to your home by making your bunny happy and by knowing that you have rescued another rabbit.

December was a very sad month, our little Einstein passed away. He was only 6 years old but had suffered with chronic stasis for 5 years. Artemis and I were both deeply saddened. Artemis would barely eat and sat around looking so depressed. We went to our local House Rabbit Society to try to find her a new mate but the bunnies there were all a little young for her. Artemis is 9 years old but still very active and healthy. We want to thank the volunteers there for spending so much time with us and being so kind and helpful.

Einstein came to us from Auntie Heather at The Rabbit Haven in Santa Cruz, CA, and when we let her know of Einstein’s passing she was on the look out for a new mate for Artemis. Artemis and I took a 1-1/2 hour drive to an adoption fair held by The Rabbit Haven in honor of Einstein to meet some of Auntie Heather’s cute bunnies and see if Artemis might be interested in any of them and vice versa.

We both fell in love at first sight with a giant brown and white lop eared bunny. I sat Artemis in the ex-pen with him and she started grooming him within minutes. She had been so lonesome in the month since Einstein passed. Within an hour we had adopted Artemis’ new mate and were headed back home. Our new bunny was originally named Francois, and then named Frito. We decided to go back to the name Francois since he is a mix of French Lop/English Lop/Flemish Giant. He has earned the nickname Big Boy. I’m still going back and forth on his name to see what he answers to. Mostly he answers to any kind of food. He climbs into the refrigerator drawer to get out greens, and plows into grocery bags to get at greens. Poor little Artemis kept getting trampled but is learning to stay out of the way. Francois simply doesn’t know his own strength. He weighs in at just shy of 12 pounds and Artemis only weighs 4.5 pounds so he is nearly 3 times her size. When he flops over and stretches out for a nap he is well over 3 feet long. Francois is about 4 years old, so Artie is lucky having a younger man to keep her active. You can read more about Francois and see a photo of him on his web page on our website.

We have several heart shaped toys to show your love for your bunny this Valentine's Day. We have soft pine Heart Chews, Heart Rattles, Heart Ring Toss, along with other favorites like Alfalfa Sticks, Jumbo Rabbit Hay Rattles, Rabbit Rollers, Rabbit Rattles, or our Ultimate Gift Box with a special Valentine Heart shaped rattle, a handful of hay, a variety of hay cubes inside, and all tied up with a big raffia bow.

While you and your special someone are wining and dining on Valentine’s Day don’t forget to prepare a special meal for your bunnies.

Valentine’s Day Special

(Serves two bunnies)


2 Strawberries (or 4 Raspberries)

4 Leaves Red Butter Lettuce

1 Red Swiss Chard Leaf w/stem

Spring of Mint


Tear Red Butter Lettuce leaves and Red Swiss Chard Leaf and stem into approx. 1” pieces. Cut strawberries (or raspberries) into quarters.

Arrange torn lettuce and chard onto a bunny safe serving dish. Top with berry pieces and garnish with mint leaves.

Bun Appétit!

We hope you and your bunnies have a wonderful winter!

Warmest Regards,

Kerry, Artemis, and Francois