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Hoppy Holidays 2012

Dear Friends,

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you, your family, and your furry friends a very special and safe holiday season!

A lot has happen this past year, some good news and some sad news.

Sweet Artemis lost her fight with kidney failure at the age of 10 this past August, we miss her terribly, she had such a joyful spirit and enjoyed everyday to it’s fullest.

We adopted an adorable bunny from The Rabbit Haven. He draws attention everywhere we go. Francois is a big 14 pound French Lop/Flemish Giant mix. He is a real sweetheart. Artemis handpicked him to be her new mate following Einstein’s passing last December. Artemis only weighed 5 pounds so they were quite an odd couple but she loved snuggling with Francois and grooming him which was quite an undertaking given his size.

I had considered my home to be totally rabbit proofed since I’ve had rabbits most of my life. However, Francois is much taller than any rabbit I’ve ever had before so I had to take an entirely new look at what might be of interest to him. He isn’t interested in cords which are already covered, but loves to climb on furniture, so I have to make sure to push my chair in or he’ll be on the table or up on my computer key board. He loves nothing more than being held upside down on his back for an hour taking a nice nap after his snack of a piece of pear in the late afternoon.

We all have to remind ourselves about bunny proofing during the holidays with all the new dangers. There may be lots of strangers dropping by to make our bunnies nervous, lots of yummy snacks that could be harmful or even deadly to a bunny like chocolate. It’s always safest to have an un-flocked, non-treated holiday tree with a bunny in the house. I will be putting mine up on a table out of reach from Francois. No tinsel since that is something our silly kitty would knock on the floor and is dangerous for any animal to ingest, or if possible put a puppy gate to block off the room with decorations from your bunny.

I’ve found it interesting that Francois has totally different tastes in greens than any of my other bunnies, so I have been working on new salad recipes for him. Believe me a 14 pound rabbit eats a lot of salad!

Here is one of Francois’ favorites that we hope your bunnies will enjoy this holiday season.


(Serves 2 bunnies or one Francois sized bunny)

Italian Parsley – 1/2 bunch

Dill – 1/2 bunch

Red Chard – 1 leaf chopped

Lemon Grass – ½ stalk cut into 2” pieces

Red Grapes – 2 cut into quarters

Wash, cut, and mix together all ingredients.
Serve on a bunny-proof dish.

Bun Appétit

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We include a free toy with each purchase, which could be an added surprise for your bunny or a nice toy to donate to your local rabbit rescue or shelter.

Warmest Wishes for a great holiday season, and a Happy New Year!

Kerry and Francois