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Hoppy Holidays

Hoppy Holidays to all of our two and four legged friends!

We hope you have a great holiday season.

The holidays are starting out cold here in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s still fall and our temperatures are ranging below freezing every night and in the 40’s during the day. We are not used to such cold weather here. I know many of you are having even colder weather in your part of the country but Francois and I are not accustomed to the extra low temperatures.

Francois is doing much better with his bladder crystals. Dr. Harvey and Dr. Kim have started him on some Omega 3’s to boost his immune system and help the inflammation in his bladder and also his spine so he can position himself more comfortably in his litter box. Francois has had a rough year, but is doing much better now.

Since Francois has to limit the amount of high calcium greens he eats, due to his bladder problems, we have been trying out lots of new greens on him. His green's diet consists 50% of Italian parsley since that’s a great diuretic to flush his bladder, and is low in calcium and high in vitamins. The other 50% is a mix of various greens. He is limited on kale, chard, and and greens in that family. Naturally he still gets plenty of a variety of hays as well.

Our latest holiday salad recipe for bunnies features some of Francois’ favorite greens that he has been adding to his diet. We hope your bunnies like them too, or they are already a part of your bunny’s daily diet.

Holiday Salad

(Serves 2 bunnies – or one Flemish Giant bunny like Francois)

Curly endive (also called chicory) – 1/2 bunch torn into 2” pieces

Radicchio – 1/4 small head – sliced or shredded

Italian parsley – 1/4 bunch

Red or Bosc pear – 1/2” wide slice of pear –diced

Lemon grass – 1/2 stalk – cut into 1/2” pieces

Combine all of the greens and garnish with lemon grass pieces and pear.

Bun Appétit

If you are still in need of some stocking stuffers for your special bunny we have a cute new rattle called Mini Rabbit Willow Ball Rattle that will fit the bill for dwarf, medium, or large rabbits. We also have many other toys to chose from, as well as our special Holiday Gift Box which is filled with orchard grass, a mixture of oat cubes, alfalfa cubes, and timothy cubes, and a wooden toy all tied up in a brown Kraft box with a raffia bow. Please drop by our website

We hope you and your bunny have a warm and happy holiday. Remember to keep your bunny away from heater cords and burning fireplaces. The term “quick as a bunny” is a great description for how quickly a bunny can get into something that can harm them.

Have a Hoppy Holiday and a Wonderful New Year!

Kerry & Francois

Funny Bunny Toy Company