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Valentine's Day 2014

It’s February already, and California is having a drought.

The price of bunny greens will be soaring with the water shortage. I’ll have to try to find some drought resistant greens to grow for Francois this spring and summer. I’ll do some research and keep you posted on our garden in a couple months.

Show your special bunny how much you love him or her on Valentine’s Day and all year long. Our little furry sweethearts need to stay away from chocolates but they’d love a special salad or a new heart shaped toy.

Francois and I have been experimenting with some new salads. We think your bunnies will enjoy this special salad of red greens especially for Valentine’s Day.

~Heart Salad~

(Serves 2 medium rabbits or 1 giant breed rabbit)


Red Chard – 1 large leaf chopped into large pieces

Red Mustard Greens – 2 leaves – chopped into large pieces

Red Romaine or Red Butter Lettuce – 2 leaves – torn or chopped

Radicchio – ¼ small head finely cut crosswise

Red Beet (tops only) – 2 or 3 leaves halved or quartered

Red Apple with skin – ¼ apple sliced ½” deep across one side of apple, keep skin intact. Then cut apple into a heart shape about the size and thickness of a heart sugar cookie, or make two mini-hearts.

Wash and prepare greens. Arrange greens on your bunny’s favorite plate and top with a heart apple.

We hope that you and your bunnies stay nice and warm this winter. Remember to keep any heater cords out of reach and fire place screens in place. If you are in a really cold area, have small breed rabbits, or have a single bunny without anyone to snuggle with, a microwaveable heating mat works very well. Just pop it in the microwave for a minute and it will stay warm for hours wrapped in a towel. They are pet safe and available at most pet supply stores. The best part is there are no dangerous cords.

Until next time, take care of yourselves and your special furry friends.

Best regards,

Kerry and Francois