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Summer Newsletter 2014

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Greetings to you and your bunnies,

Francois and I hope you and your bunnies are enjoying your summer.

Francois turned nine this summer, he is officially a senior now, we can no longer deny it. I wish he got a senior bunny discount at the pet supply store if we shopped before 5:00 p.m.

Keeping your bunny cool during the hot summer months is so important. A nice ear rub with an ice cube works well to cool down a warm bunny. Francois enjoys lying in the breeze from a small fan that I’ve set up on the kitchen counter where he can’t reach it, or the cord. Francois will lie directly in the line of the cool breeze, he’s a very smart guy.

Many bunnies enjoy a frozen plastic bottle of water to snuggle next to and cool off.

In this newsletter I wanted to talk about chiropractic care for rabbits. It was suggested to me a few years ago that I might want to try acupuncture or chiropractic for Francois since nothing was working for his bladder and arthritis problems. I heard it as “it probably won’t work either, but you could try it”. Then Dr. Harvey and Dr. Kim both suggested that I take Francois to see a particular chiropractor because they both felt she could help him.

That sounded encouraging, so we got an appointment this past May and went to see the pet chiropractor. Francois was having spine pain, and he was having trouble posturing to urinate which resulted in urine scald on his inner hind legs.

The chiropractor was so gentle with Francois, he really likes her. Francois had eight vertebrae out of alignment. The chiropractor told me that usually bunnies will sleep a lot for the first 24 hours after treatment and that it can take up to 72 hours for the treatment effects to kick in. Sure enough within 48 hours Francois was able to posture normally. His fur dried up on his bottom, and his urine scald disappeared over the first week.

The chiropractor told me that she sees many bunnies from HRS. Rabbits can be helped by chiropractic for many problems ranging from elder bunny arthritis, to e. cuniculi. Because Francois is a large breed rabbit, Flemish Giant/French lop mix, he puts a lot of weight and pressure on his joints. He turned nine last month so age is a factor as well. His x-rays showed arthritis in his spine.

Francois and I can’t recommend pet chiropractic enough. If your vet thinks it will help your pet, please give it a try. Francois gives it two paws up!

Francois is going back to the chiropractor every eight weeks to be adjusted. He seems to start having the same problem again and I want to catch it before he gets urine scald.

Our recipe in this newsletter is a delicious way to keep your bunny cool on a hot summer day.

Herb Infused Bunny Cubes

One cube per serving


Carrot tops – 2 leaves

Dill – 2 sprigs

Parsley – 2 sprigs

Mint – 1 sprig

(You can substitute any of your bunny’s favorite herbs)

Chop and lightly crush the herbs to release the aromatic oils.

Place the herbs in 2 cups of water. Leave overnight in your refrigerator.

After the flavors are infused in the water, pour the water and herbs into an ice cube tray. You can use a mini ice cube tray, or regular sized tray. Freeze until hardened. Hold an Herb Infused Bunny Cube for your bunny to chew or lick, lay one in bowl, or add to the water in your bunny’s water bowl.

Bun appétit!

Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Kerry and Francois

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