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Hoppy New Year 2015

Greetings and Hoppy New Year!!

It’s hard to believe the holidays sailed by and we’re already beginning the second month of 2015, and a very chilly 2015 it’s been so far.

Since Francois is currently going through a shed, I thought I’d discuss ways to remove pet hair from your clothing in this newsletter. It seems that some breeds of bunnies shed more often, or more heavily than others. Some bunnies shed a tiny bit all year long so their shed isn’t as noticeable. With long haired rabbits like Angoras and Fuzzy Lops they lose hair, but it doesn’t seem to show unless you give them a haircut.

If you have a bunny, you know what dust bunnies are all about. You also know that no matter what breed of rabbit you have, when you hold your bunny you’ll become coated in fur. For fur on the floor, a vacuum cleaner is the best way to remove dust bunnies; short of using a leaf blower and blowing the fur straight out the front door (just kidding!).

These ideas may help you with removing bunny fur from your clothing and/or fabric furniture:

1.   Dampen a clean wash cloth or paper towel and wipe off the fur.
2.   Roll a 6” piece of packaging tape into a circle, sticky side out, and wipe off fur.
3.   Stick the article of clothing in the dryer and air dry for a few minutes to remove fur.
4.   Use a lint brush.
5.   Put on a yellow dish washing glove and wipe away the bunny fur. Any rubber or latex glove is supposed to work (I haven’t tried this as I’m allergic to latex).

Hopefully these tips will help you remove some unwanted fur from your life!

In my last newsletter I’d mentioned that I’d been interviewed about rabbits by a reporter from the Wall Street Journal. My interview was cut from the Wall Street Journal article since they needed to edit for space, but a photo of Francois was included. That was exciting! Francois got his 15 minutes of fame!

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. If you want to show your bunny sweetheart just how much you care, we have several heart themed toys that your bunny is sure to enjoy.

Valentine’s Day brings bouquets of red roses to mind. I thought rather than include my usual recipe for a Bunny Salad, I’d give you ideas for a special Valentine’s Day Bunny Bouquet for your furry sweetheart.

Valentine’s Day Bunny Bouquet




Red Dandelion

Carrot tops


Fennel tops

Italian Parsley

Oat, Timothy, or Orchard Grass Hay

Take a few sprigs of each of your bunny’s favorite herbs/greens, along with a few pieces of hay, to make a little Valentine’s Day Bunny Bouquet. Take one dandelion leaf and tie it around the stems of the other herbs/greens to secure them.

Present your furry Valentine with a special Valentine’s Day Bunny Bouquet.

Bun Appétit!

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Until next time we wish you well.

Warm regards,

Kerry and Francois