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Hoppy Holidays! 2015

Funny Bunny Toy Company would like to wish you a very happy and safe holiday season.

What a busy and fun filled time of year. With so many holiday parties, and visitors to your home, your little bunny might become overwhelmed with all of the activities. If you have a shy bunny, I’m sure she would much rather be secured in a quiet room away from holiday guests.

Black Friday sales are over, Cyber Monday is over, but Funny Bunny Toy Company is having our first (hopefully, annual) Furry Friday beginning this Friday, Dec. 11th. All of our toys on our website will be 15% off! We want to thank our customers and wish you all a very happy holiday season. To redeem your discount, enter FURRY FRIDAY on the left side of the screen under your selected products on the View Cart page as you check out. Then click on “Update”, after you’ve applied your code FURRY FRIDAY, to receive your 15% discount.

We have some great holiday favorite toys from years past, and some new holiday toys for your special bunnies. We’ve added a new Star Willow Ball Rattle, we have our Star Ring Rattles, our Tree & Snowflake Soft Chews, as well as a new Sea Grass ball, and Grape Vine sticks.

Do you worry about your bunny staying warm on these cold nights? Bunnies can tolerate cold temperatures better than they tolerate hot temperatures, and are at risk of hypothermia. If you end up losing power and the temperature is dropping below 50 degrees indoors, check your bunny’s temperature. If your bunny’s temperature drops below 100 degrees it can be critical. (Normal temperature is 101 – 103.) You’ll need to warm your bunny. Wrapping your bunny in towels and holding your bunny against your body for warmth will help, as will gently massaging your bunny to increase circulation. If you don’t already know how to take your bunny’s temperature, your local House Rabbit Society or bunny rescue volunteers can show you. The vet tech can also show you at your bunny’s next check-up.

This holiday season our recipe is one of Francois’ favorites. He’s a fennel junkie; a day without fennel is like a day without sunshine to Francois. I may have to send my big bunny to fennel rehab!


Makes 4 Servings

1 – Fennel bulb with some green fronds still attached

1 - Sprig dill

4 – Lettuce leaves (red butter lettuce, red romaine, or lettuce of your choice)

1 - Tsp. Dried cranberries

Slice the fennel bulb crosswise into four ½” slices, like making onion rings. You can leave the center in, or push it out to make it appear like a Fennel Wreath.

Place each Fennel Wreath ring on a leaf of red bib lettuce or red romaine lettuce.

Snip up the fennel green fronds and the dill greens (not stems).

Sprinkle the greens over the Fennel Wreath and then add a few dried cranberries to each Fennel Wreath to resemble holly berries.

Bun Appétit

Have a wonderful holiday. Please don’t forget to stop by our website and check out our holiday toys and our Furry Friday Sale which starts this Friday the 11th and runs through this Sunday.

While you’re on our website, please enter your bunny in Funny Bunny Toy Company’s Toy Contest for a chance to win a free toy.

Hoppy Holidays!

Kerry and Francois