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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is a special time of year to think about those you love, especially your sweet bunnies.

By adopting our rabbits and giving them a forever home, we have given them a very special gift. But have you thought about all that your bunny does for you?

Pet rabbits provide not only love and companionship, but so much more. Did you know that according to the Center for Disease Control your bunny can decrease your blood pressure, decrease your cholesterol, decrease your triglycerides, decrease your chance of a stroke, and decrease depression and loneliness?

Rabbits also bring so much happiness into our lives with their joyful antics. Who can resist smiling while watching a bunny do a binky or while stroking their soft fur?

Rabbits are not only wonderful pets, but they also work as service animals and therapy animals.

“According to the American Diabetes Association's Diabetes Forecast magazine, a 1992 study found that one-third of the pets living with diabetics (mostly dogs, but other pets included cats, birds and rabbits) would change their behavior when their owner's blood sugar level dropped.”

Bunnies are a great way to socialize and meet other humans. I don’t go anywhere that I don’t end up in a conversation with someone about rabbits. They want to tell me about their rabbit, or hear about my Francois, or tell me how they had a rabbit in the past and want to find another rabbit to join their family. People who aren’t rabbit people don’t seem to understand how we end up finding each other and starting conversations in grocery store lines, at the pet food supply store, or the bank. Bunny people aren’t strangers for long, we seem to have bunny radar.

One of the most common places I meet other bunny people is in the produce aisle at my local grocery store, or at the local farmers market. There aren’t too many people who buy bags full of Italian parsley if they don’t have a bunny, that’s usually a good clue. Those of us with bunnies also have a cart filled with very healthy greens. You’ll ask, or the other person will ask about a rabbit in the household, then the bunny stories begin, and if you’re like me, the sharing of bunny photos soon follows.

Since it’s nearly Valentine’s Day, this newsletter will feature a special Valentine’s Day bunny salad.

I Heart You Salad

(serves 2 bunnies)


2 strawberries – preferrably fresh, or frozen and unsweetened (thawed)

¼ - ½ - small head radicchio, red romaine lettuce, or both


To prepare strawberry hearts, wash strawberries, remove leaves, then cut a “v” shape on the top of the strawberry cutting in about 1/8 of the way. Then cut the strawberries across the “v” into thin slices which will resemble hearts. (You can use any leftover strawberry hearts yourself. Add to a salad or dessert of your own. Or try freezing strawberry hearts inside an ice cube and add the cubes to a glass of water or other beverage.)

Next, chiffonade the radicchio or romaine into 1/8” strips..


Place chiffonade of raddicchio on a dish and top with strawberry hearts for a special Valentine’s Day bunny salad, or any day when you want to let your special bunny know how much you love them.

Bun appétit!

Funny Bunny Toy Company has some new toys for your bunny. Some heart toys for Valentine’s Day and some for every day of the year. We have some new sea grass items such as mats, bowls and braids. We have cute willow hearts, and both 2” and 4” willow balls stuffed with orchard grass hay and dried chamomile flowers.

Don’t forget to visit our website and sign up for our contest for a chance to win a free toy for your bunny!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your special bunny!

Kerry and Francois