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New Year's 2017

Hoppy New Year to all of you and your bunnies!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

Now is the time of year when we all make a list of resolutions for the new year. Many of these resolutions we make and break, year after year. Will this be the year you lose that extra weight, stick to an exercise program, get a better job, or clean out your garage?

Have you ever wondered what a bunny might put on their list of New Year’s resolutions? I happened to wonder that very thing and made up a little list. See if you agree with my list and have fun making up a list of resolutions you think your bunny might make for 2017.

Bunny New Year’s Resolutions

1.   I will try to stop gnawing on baseboards.

2.   I will try to get more of my poops in my litter box.

3.   I will break my addiction to tearing wallpaper off the wall.

4.   I will complete my project with the cardboard box this year.

5.   I will only tear up carpet in places that can’t be seen, like behind the sofa.

6.   I will be a good bunny and get back in my pen at bed time.

7.   I will stop sitting by the fridge begging for snacks.

8.   I will try not to nibble on all the house plants, even if they are safe for me.

9.   I will try to drink more quietly from my water bottle at 3:00a.m.

10.   I will do even more binkys since it seems to make you happy.

I’ll bet you can come up with some New Year’s resolutions custom made for your bunny. I'd love to see your list if you'd like to share it.

Was your bunny was spoiled with a lot of extra treats over the holidays? Too much fruit or high carb veggies, like carrots, are not good for bunnies. Adding to your bunny’s waistline is one concern, but too many fruits and high carb veggies can lead to G. I. stasis, which is very painful, serious, and possibly fatal to bunnies.

If you want to give your bunny a special treat, try adding some herbs to their hay. Bunnies enjoy dried chamomile, dried rose hips, dried basil, dried parsley, and dried lavender added to their hay. Start with one or two herbs until you see which herbs your bunny likes, and then adjust accordingly.

This month’s recipe is a light and healthy salad for your bunny. Make sure your bunny plays and gets plenty of exercise to stay happy and healthy this year, and for many years to come.

New Year’s Salad
(Serves 2)


6 Mâche leaves

1/8 Small head of Radicchio

¼ Head of curly endive/frisee

1 Head of Belgian endive

4 Baby spinach leaves

4 Dandelion leaves

4 Arrugula leaves

Take all greens and tear into pieces or leave whole.

Artfully arrange the greens on your bunny’s favorite dish or a nice bamboo plate.

(Make a salad for yourself while you’re at it, and add your favorite dressing. This combination of greens will be as yummy for you as it is to your bunny.)

Bun Appétit!

I hope you and your bunnies are staying warm this winter, and will have a very happy and healthy New Year!

Hoppy New Year!


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