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Hoppy Valentine’s Day to you and your bunnies!

It’s that time of year when love is in the air.

Have you ever wondered how bunnies pick their special mate?

Many of our bunnies have had “arranged marriages” where they learned to tolerate each other, and then come to love each other forming a strong bond.

Other bunnies go to rescues and go on “dates” to pick out a bunny they like.

My little 5 lb. Artemis met over 2 dozen bunnies before she picked Francois, her 13lb sweetie.

I was wondering how do bunnies decide on their perfect mate?

I know it’s not size, color, or breed.

Could it be that a bunny is looking for a good snuggler? Or perhaps a bunny who has tickly whiskers when they give a bath? Maybe they are looking for a good box chewer, or a mate who is great at binkies. Could they want a bunny mate who doesn’t steal all the treats?

It’s hard to say what attracts one bunny to another, but once they bond they are a delight to watch, and they are so sweet together.

Some bunnies opt for a mate from another species such as cat, dog, or even a stuffed animal.

One thing’s for sure, bunnies are happiest having a partner to share their lives with.

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For Valentine’s Day we have a special recipe with red bunny greens. We hope your bunnies have been enjoying our salad recipe suggestions.

Valentine’s Day Binky Salad

½ Head Radicchio
½ Cup Baby Beet Greens
4 leaves Red Oak leaf lettuce
1 leaf Red Romaine lettuce
1 Red Delicious apple

Either tear the greens, or roll greens together and chiffonade them.

Place greens on your bunnies’ favorite dish.

Next take a ½” slice of the outside of the Red Delicious apple leaving the skin on. Trim the apple slice into the shape of a heart and use it to garnish your bunnies’ salad.

Bun Appétit

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We hope you and your bunnies have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Hoppy Valentine’s Day!