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Hoppy Spring and Yummy Herbs

We hope you and your bunnies having a great Spring.

Can you believe it’s already June? Summer will be here before we know it.

Summer can mean lots of fun, with staycations and vacations. If you’ll be taking a vacation this summer to lay on the beach in Hawaii, or visit Aunt Violet and Uncle Bert, you’ll want to make sure your bunnies are well taken care of at home.

To find a good bunny pet sitter, I’d recommend checking with your rabbit savvy vet’s office. Often their vet techs do pet sitting on the side. That would be a perfect choice since they already are smitten with your adorable bunnies, and they know how to care for a bunny and check for any signs of health problems. Your vet’s office can also recommend bunny savvy pet sitters.

Letting your rabbit stay in her familiar surroundings will be easiest on her, but if you can’t find a pet sitter, look to your local House Rabbit Society Chapter. Many of them do rabbit boarding and will take excellent care of your bunny. Make sure to book ahead as they do get busy during the summer and over holidays.

You could also try swapping pet sitting duties with another bunny parent. It’s important to have someone who is familiar with rabbits since your bunny may become depressed and may not eat if you aren’t there. Then they could get digestive problems which could become urgent, so you want someone to know to check the litter box and make sure your bunny is making “deposits”.

You can even arrange with the pet sitter to let you leave a voice mail message on their phone to play for your bunny. I’ve done that with my bunnies before and they really will perk up their ears and get excited when hearing your familiar voice.

Have you planned your summer garden this year? How about adding some fresh herbs for your bunnies, or planting some pots of herbs to bring inside for your bunnies to help themselves.

Some favorite bunny herbs are Italian parsley, curly parsley, basil, fennel, dill, sage, lemon balm, lavender, thyme, chervil, chamomile, dandelion, lemon grass, cilantro, and mint.

You can serve your bunny fresh herbs, or try drying some herbs by banding them and hanging them upside down. Then you can break up the dried herbs over your bunny’s hay for a special treat.

Since I’m already on the subject of herbs, this month’s salad recipe will be an herb salad.

Herbal Delight Salad

(Serves 2 bunnies)

4 pieces of fresh dandelion torn in 2” pieces

½ cup chopped fennel root or fennel tops

2 sprigs of mint

½ cup chopped Italian parsley

1 stalk lemon grass peeled and diced

Arrange all herbs on a bunny safe dish (feel free to substitute other herbs if your bunny prefers)

Bun Appétit

In keeping with this newsletter’s herbal theme, we are having a sale on both sizes of our Willow Balls stuffed with Timothy hay and dried chamomile. Your bunny is sure to love these combination treat and toys.

We offer a 4” ball for medium and larger breed bunnies (and smaller bunnies who like to pretend they are big).

And we have a 2” ball for smaller bunnies, but I’ve never seen a big bunny refuse one.

Don’t forget to visit our contest page and enter your bunny’s name for a chance to win a free toy in our monthly drawing.

Enjoy the rest of your spring and beginning of summer, and keep your bunnies cool!

Have a Hoppy Day!

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