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Funny Bunny Toy Company Fall 2017 Newsletter

Hoppy Fall to all of you,

I hope you enjoyed your summer. And to those of you affected by recent hurricanes, floods, and fires, I hope you and your bunnies are staying strong and doing well.

Before this summer’s terrible storms and fires, I had started to write this newsletter about having an Evacuation Kit and First Aid Kit for your bunny in case of such emergencies. Although there isn’t always time to grab supplies, even when you have them ready, sometimes there’s enough warning. When you are organized ahead of time it makes a huge difference.

I had to evacuate with my 2 bunnies and my kitty during a fire a few years ago. I was so glad that I always kept a carrier in the house with a
mat, some dry food, a bottle of water and had their First Aid Kit and long term Evacuation Kit right next to their carrier.

A First Aid Kit is a good idea to have handy for any time your bunny doesn’t feel well, or needs minor treatment before seeing the vet, not only for emergencies.

I’ve made up a list of suggested items to include in a First Aid Kit and an Evacuation Kit. You may want to add other items to customize your kits for your bunnies.




Gauze roll

Styptic powder or cornstarch (to stop minor bleeding like broken nails)

Nail clippers


Vinyl gloves

Ice pack

Heat pack

Bottled water

Critical Care Powder


Food – 2 week supply (check date rotate every 3 – 4 months)

Favorite dried snacks – 2 week supply

Bottled water – at least 2 gallon bottles

Box or several bags of fresh hay (replace with fresh hay as needed)

Metal or plastic bowls for food and water

2 week supply of any medication your bunny may be taking

Litter box and litter – enough for 2 weeks

Plastic bags to dispose of dirty litter

Paper Towels

Hand Sanitizer

Newspapers and/or thick towels to line bottom of carrier

Small kennel that could house your bunny for 2 weeks if necessary

Carrier to move bunny

Toys, cardboard rolls, and things to chew on


Let’s hope you never need to use either of these kits, but if you need them they’ll be ready. During an emergency is no time to start packing up items or finding supplies. Growing up in earthquake country, it’s been instilled in residents of the San Francisco Bay Area to keep an Earthquake Supply Kit with food, water, flashlights and other rations. Once you get your bunny set for any situation, you may want to plan for yourself as well.

With fall’s cooler weather, garden greens are much sweeter and delicate than they are in the summer. Some sweet greens to tempt your bunny this fall are frisee, arugula, kale, lemon grass, and baby lettuces. It’s also pear season and apple season, but only a tiny slice of fruit is enough for bunnies.

In this newsletter we have a delicious and nutritious salad made from fall greens for your bunnies to enjoy.

Harvest Salad

(Serves 2 bunnies)

2 cups of braising greens (these come in bulk or bagged in blends of baby swiss chard, baby bok choy, baby kale, baby spinach, baby mustard greens, and baby arugula)

1 cup of sprouts – sunflower sprouts, radish sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, or a mix of sprouts

Thoroughly wash all greens and sprouts. Arrange braising greens in a bunny safe bowl. Top with your bunny’s favorite sprouts.

Bun Appetite!

The weather is cooling off, some of you already have snow and the night temps are dropping down. Bunnies fare much better in cold weather than they do in hot weather, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate staying warm and cozy. A self-warming mat or bed may be just the thing on cold fall nights and through the winter months. There are also products to warm up in the microwave that will stay warm for 6 – 8 hours to put under sleeping mats which will keep your bunnies toasty warm. If your bunny has a buddy they are lucky enough to have a best friend, someone to snuggle with, and someone to keep them warm.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your fall!

Hoppy Fall,