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Funny Bunny Toy Co. Valentine's Newsletter

Hoppy Valentine’s Day!

What a great month to adopt a friend for your bunny if he or she doesn’t have one. Bunnies are happiest when living with a bonded mate. Rabbit pairs aren’t lonely when you aren’t home, they aren’t bored which leads to some destructive behaviors, and no matter how much we love our bunnies we just can’t replace another rabbit for companionship.

As we are exchanging roses, chocolates, and heart shaped Valentine’s cards with the people we love on Valentine’s Day, why not get your special bunnies some wooden hearts to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Funny Bunny Toy Company has designed some brand new toys for Valentine’s Day this year. We also have our classic Heart Ring Toss that has been popular for years.

Our new toys are our Heart Willow Ball Rattle, and our Ruffle Heart Rattle. Your bunnies are sure to enjoy playing with either one of our new toys. Our Heart Willow Ball Rattle features a willow vine ball, and our Ruffle Heart Rattle is the latest in our line of 3” rattles featuring an adorable ruffle edged wooden heart.

While you’re visiting our website, don’t forget to enter your bunny in our monthly contest for a chance to win a free toy. No purchase necessary.

Since giving and receiving flowers is a Valentine’s Day tradition, this month I thought I’d make a slight change from a more traditional bunny salad recipe.

Bunny Bouquet Salad

(Make 1 bouquet per bunny)


Dandelion leaves

Carrot tops

Pea tendrils

Dinosaur kale


Fennel tops

Any leafy greens or edible flowers your bunny enjoys

2 carrot tops stripped of leaves or some soft grass hay pieces to tie bouquets


In one hand gather up a mixture of greens to amount to approx. 1 cup.

Tie up your Bunny Bouquet with a carrot top stripped of leaves or some soft grass hay pieces so the greens resemble a bouquet.

Bun Appétit

If you’d like an easy DIY Valentine’s Day project for your bunnies, try making a homemade Heart Hay Box.


Empty Kleenex box, either cube or rectangle shape
Empty shoe box


Draw 2” – 3” hearts around the sides of the box and the top

Cut out the hearts with a utility knife or scissors

Fill the box with your bunny’s favorite hay leaving bits of hay sticking out the heart holes

Refill as needed or until your bunny chews up and devours the box!

Wishing you and your bunnies a very Hoppy Valentine’s Day!