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Funny Bunny Toy Company March 2018

Hoppy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone!

I’m hoping a magic leprechaun will bring us some warm weather this March. If you’re like me, you are ready for some sun and tired of temps at freezing or below.

At least bunnies fare better in cold weather than in hot weather, but that’s not to say they don’t like being cozy on a cold winter night.

If you have a senior bunny, a special needs bunny, or a bunny with arthritis, staying warm can help your bunny feel better overall. Self-warming sleeping mats are a great way to accomplish that, and keep them comfy and warm.

If you do have a bunny with one of the aforementioned conditions, have you ever considered a veterinary chiropractor? Your bunny's vet may be able to refer you to one in your area. I took my Flemish Giant bunny Francois to a chiropractor for his spinal arthritis when he was 10y/o. It helped him tremendously. I could see some improvement after the first session. He only needed a few treatments, then a follow-up in 6 months.

I am fortunate to have a veterinarian who practices acupuncture on rabbits and other animals, as well as homeopathic remedies along with traditional medications.

The wider the variety of treatment options available, the longer your bunny can remain healthy and happy.

March is the month for lucky clovers, leprechauns, and pots of gold. I can’t help with the last two items, but Funny Bunny Toy Company does have an adorable 3” Lucky Clover Rattle that your bunny will be able to enjoy all year long. We can’t promise it will bring good luck, but it will provide a lot of fun for your bunny!

For this month’s recipe, we have an Irish themed salad.

St. Patrick’s Day Bun Salad

Serves 2 -3 Bunnies


2 Cups - Shredded Bibb lettuce or Butter lettuce – coarsely chopped or torn

1 Cup - Beet tops – finely chopped

2” piece of Carrot – grated or thinly sliced

½ cup Spinach – torn or chopped

½ cup Clover sprouts

1 - Brussels Sprout – tear leaves off sprout

1 - Cabbage leaf – shredded or chopped

1 leaf - Swiss chard – coarsely chopped


Place the Butter lettuce or Bibb lettuce in the center of bunny safe serving plate.

Arrange each type of vegetable in its own little pile around the edge of the Bibb lettuce.
(Your salad will resemble a traditional St. Patrick’s Day Pub Salad)

Bun appétit

Don’t forget to visit our website and enter your bunny in our contest for a chance to win a free toy. Each month one lucky bunny wins a free toy!

Have a Hoppy Winter!


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