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Funny Bunny Toy Company Valentine's Newsletter

Hoppy Valentine’s Day to you and your bunnies!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I have some heart themed DIY projects for your bunny.

Most bunnies adore chewing cardboard. Gather up different weights of cardboard. Select some large thicker pieces from shipping boxes, and some lightweight pieces from cereal cartons or shirt inserts, and any size in between.

With a pair of sturdy scissors or an Exacto knife cut out a bunch of heart shapes. Make a really big heart to be used as a mat so your bunny can sit on the cardboard heart while chewing and digging at the heart. The bigger the better, and all the more fun!

You could also make some hearts that are 4” in size and poke a hole near the top so you can attach several to your bunny’s cage or ex-pen as Valentine’s decorations. Use zip ties or metal hooks to attach the cardboard hearts.

If you have some untreated sisal or twine you could make a string of cardboard hearts to hang from your bunny’s cage for a fun chewing project.

Your bunny can never have enough boxes to play, chew, and hang out in, so why not make a Valentine’s Bunny Fort? Cut out a heart-shaped door to fit your bunny on the front and back, and make a couple smaller heart-shaped windows. Your bunny can spend time enlarging the heart holes and having lots of fun!

Some bunnies are bag bunnies. If your bunny loves hanging out in brown paper grocery bags, cut out some little hearts with scissors in a bag so your bunny can have some extra light and some peepholes.

Last month’s newsletter included directions for cleaning pinecones so they’d be safe play toys for your bunny. For Valentine’s Day why not give your bunny a special Valentine’s gift of a pinecone stuffed with bunny-safe dried herbs and flowers. This would not only be beautiful but very tasty as well.

We also think of bouquets for Valentine’s Day. Bunnies love chewing on wood, and it’s great for their teeth. If you have access to an unsprayed apple tree, make a bouquet of apple twigs for your special bunny.

If you don’t have any bunny-safe twigs, you can still make your bunny a bouquet using some “frilly” greens. Put together a bouquet of carrot tops, dandelions, fennel tops, lemongrass, and parsley. Tie them together with a few strands of hay or untreated natural raffia.

If you have been considering getting a mate for your single bunny, February would be the perfect month to do so. Love is already in the air, so why not find somebunny for your bunny to love. House Rabbit Society chapters and most shelters have volunteers to help you find a mate for your bunny and help with the bonding process. Bunnies are much happier with another bunny in their lives, and it’s twice the fun having a bonded pair.

For this month’s salad recipe I’ll be sticking with a heart theme. Cutting fruits and vegetables into heart shapes with a paring knife is very easy and adds a nice touch to a salad. Remember to limit fruits and high carb veggies to 2 – 3 small slices per bunny.

Some suggested fruits and vegetables to use for cutting heart shapes for your bunny:

Banana slices
Carrot slices
Apple slices

Love Bunny Salad

Serves – 2 Bunnies

Fruits and vegetables of your choice cut into heart shapes

2 - Large radicchio leaves or butter lettuce leaves to use as bowls

Use a selection of your bunny’s favorite greens or whatever greens you have on hand

Dice or tear greens and place into the leaf bowls

Top greens with 2 or 3 hearts made of fruit and/or vegetables per bunny

Bun Appétit

If you’re not a DIYer, but would still like to get a Valentine for your special bunny, we have several heart themed wooden toys on our website that your bunny is sure to love.

We have an adorable new rattle called Ruffle Heart Willow Ring Rattle. This 3” rattle has 2 wooden ruffle edged hearts and a mini willow ring. This rattle is an ideal size for any size bunny.

If your bunny loves to fling and chew, our Heart Ring Toss may be just the toy for her. This toy has 3 wooden hearts on a 100% cotton rope ring.

Willow toys are a favorite of most bunnies, and our Heart Willow Ball Rattle is no exception. This toy has 2 thick ½” hearts with a 2” willow ball on a 3” long rattle. Once your bunny has chewed off the willow ball, the rest of the rattle will give your bunny years of chewing fun. The rattle is great for tossing, chewing, or carrying around.

Don’t forget to visit our website and enter our contest for a chance to win a free toy for your bunny, and to check out this month’s adorable winner, Thumper!!

Until next time, all the best to you and your bunnies!

Hoppy Valentine’s Day,