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Funny Bunny Toy Company - Hoppy Easter!

Hoppy Easter and Hoppy Spring!

Everyone thinks of bunnies at Easter time even if they don't have a pet bunny.

Thankfully over the past couple decades the House Rabbit Society and other rabbit and animal rescue groups have spread the word that bunnies are not for Easter, they are a lifelong commitment. Bunny adoptions/sales used to soar right before Easter. A few months later shelters were filled with young bunnies as children and their parents tired of them.

The Make Mine Chocolate Campaign, started by the Columbus House Rabbit Society Chapter, began to educate the public about the commitment of owning a house rabbit.

Their message is "no live rabbits for Easter". Their aim is to cut down on the amount of cute "Easter bunnies" returned to shelters or released into the wild to die.

Chocolate Easter Bunnies are great for anyone, but pet bunnies are for those who understand what special animals bunnies are, those who are willing to learn all they can about caring for a pet rabbit, and those who are willing to make a 10 – 12 year commitment to their bunny.

You can check out the Make Mine Chocolate Campaign at

This Easter if you will be filling Easter baskets for your children please consider using an alternative to plastic Easter grass, or keep it well away from your bunnies as it can be very harmful to their digestive tract. Some alternatives to plastic Easter grass would be shredded Kraft paper or even some hay.

Why not pack a bunny-safe little willow Easter basket for your bunny full of hay and some little Easter eggs (grapes or cranberries). I'm sure your bunny will want to join in the fun, but make sure to keep all chocolate away from your bunny as it is toxic and can be deadly if ingested.

If you're like me and still enjoy coloring Easter eggs, buy your eggs in cardboard egg cartons instead of Styrofoam egg cartons which are bad for the environment and not safe for your bunny.

You can make a lot of fun toys for your bunny from empty cardboard egg cartons. If your bunny likes a project to come back to day after day (as many bunnies do), leave the egg carton in one piece, fill the inside with some snipped up hay that you place in the egg cups. You can also add a few dried cranberries, some timothy pellets, and some shredded paper. Close the lid and let your bunny work out how to open the lid and get to the goodies inside their Easter Treasure Chest. Leave a tiny bit of hay sticking out the edges to entice your bunny. This is a great project to keep your bunny entertained and prevent boredom.

Egg cartons can be cut into pieces to use for "serving dishes" for hay and pellets. Cut the lid off leaving it in one piece. This makes a nice flat serving tray for hay. When your bunny has finished their hay they can start chewing on the cardboard egg carton lid. Keep refilling with hay for as many days as the lid holds up.

You can take the egg carton bottom with the egg cups and cut them into sections. Since there are either 12 or 18 egg cups, you can cut into groups of 2, 4, 6, or 8 cups. Use these cups to fill with timothy pellets, minced up herbs and greens, or a few pieces of dried fruit. You could even hide the little egg cups filled with bunny goodies around your home for your bunny to find.

Another option, after removing the lid, is to cut the egg cartons down the center so there are two long strips of egg cups in a 12 pack, or 3 long strips in an 18 pack of eggs. You can hang the strips up in your bunny's cage with a zip tie to make a fun hanging chew toy.

Your bunny will have as much fun with the empty cardboard egg cartons as you and your family will have dying Easter eggs.

Since Easter is nearly upon us I have an Easter salad recipe for your bunnies.

Easter Basket Salad

Serves 2 bunnies

3 cups of mixed feathery greens (Carrot tops, Italian parsley, fennel tops, cilantro, etc)

Rainbow Swiss chard

We will be using only the stems of the Swiss chard for our recipe (reserve the leaves for another day). Chop the colorful pastel Swiss chard stems into ½" – 1" pieces (these will be the "Easter eggs" on top of the salad).

Chop carrot tops, Italian parsley, fennel tops or other feathery greens into short pieces to resemble grass for your Easter Basket Salad.

Assemble greens into a little nest and place the pastel-colored "Easter eggs" on top.

Serve in a cardboard egg carton lid or other bunny-safe dish.

Bun Appétit

I’d like to invite you to visit our Contest Page and meet Cocoa and Lucky, the adorable winners of this month's Funny Bunny Toy Company's contest.

While you're there, why not enter your own bunny in our contest for a chance to win a free toy in next month's drawing.

Until next time, I'd like to wish you all a Hoppy Spring and a very Hoppy Easter!!