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Funny Bunny Toy Company - Hoppy Summer!!

Hoppy Summer Everyone!

It's hard to believe half the year is gone already. I hope you all had a great spring and are looking forward to a wonderful summer!!

If you'll be going out of town, your local House Rabbit Society chapter is a great place to board your bunnies while you're away. Their volunteers will take expert care of your bunnies

As the weather heats up remember to keep in mind that bunnies do well in cold weather, but they do not do well in hot weather. Please make sure that you keep your bunnies cool at all times during the hot summer months. There are several easy ways to make sure your bunny has a cool, happy, healthy summer.

If you have air conditioning you shouldn't need to worry. If you have a fan make sure that the cord is well away from your bunny’s reach.

Get a ceramic tile for your bunny to sit on, you can place the tile in the fridge to make it cooler.

Rub ice cubes or cool water on your bunny's ears.

If you give your bunny their water in a crock, add ice cubes to their water bowl.

Freeze plastic water bottles, keep several in the freezer so you can rotate them and place one next to your bunny to cool them down.

Freeze small cut up veggies like 1" pieces of carrot, or small bunches of herbs or greens and feed them frozen to your bunny to cool your bunny from the inside out. You can place the veggies and herbs in an ice tray and fill with water, or freeze on a pan, then place in a Ziploc bag. Some bunnies enjoy crunching ice cubes with or without added herbs or veggies.

If your bunny gets overheated despite your efforts and is showing signs of heat stroke like panting and lethargy, wrap your bunny in a cool damp towel and rush them to the vet.

We all know our bunnies love to eat fruit, sweet veggies, and pellets, but hay should make up the largest part of a bunny's diet. Up to 80% of a bunny's diet should be hay.

Grass hays are best because they are low in protein and low in calcium. Alfalfa is a legume and is best fed to babies and bunnies under the age of 1 year, or senior bunnies if they aren't getting enough protein.

Timothy hay is the most widely sold hay for bunnies, but some bunnies just don’t care for Timothy hay. If your bunny is not eating enough hay try switching to another type of grass hay. My bunnies have always loved Oat hay and Orchard grass the best and if your bunny loves their hay they will eat more of it. As long as they eat it they are reaping the benefits of the hay.

Hay is important for a bunny's digestive system and also for their dental health. You can make eating hay more interesting for your bunny by adding it to toys like cut paper towel tubes. Try different hay racks or bowls as well as continually adding fresh hay to their litterbox and a play box. Although hay does come with dried herbs in little bags, you can always add your bunny’s favorite dried herbs to their hay to make it tastier. Don’t add any wet greens to hay or it could cause a mold problem.

Buying small bags of hay at pet shops can get expensive, so always buy the largest amount of hay that you are able to store. There are many mail order places where you can buy a carton of hay. Some rabbit rescues sell hay by the flake. If you have a feed and grain store near you they usually sell large clear Hefty bag size bags of hay in several types of grass hays like Timothy, Orchard, Rye, or Oat or even a blend of grass hays. If you have several bunnies and a place to store it, purchasing hay by the bale is by far the cheapest option.

If you have allergies to your bunny’s hay, try buying a different kind and see if it helps. Hopefully, it will make a difference for you and your bunny.

Funny Bunny Toy Company has cute little Willow Stuffers that are not only a toy, but they can hold hay, pellets or treats. Willow Stuffers are easy to fill with hay through the opening in the willow ball. Willow Stuffers measure 2-1/2" – 2-3/4". Willow Stuffers are sold singly or in packs of 3.

To get your bunny to eat more hay, we have packed 4" willow balls with a mixture of Orchard Grass and dried organic chamomile. Your bunny won’t be able to resist these, they are a fun treat and toy all-in-one. We also have 2" stuffed willow balls for smaller sized bunnies.

Maybe you'd like to try your hand at making some toys for your bunny. You don't need to be super crafty to make your bunny some toys. If you have newspaper or Kraft paper you can make some fun toss toys for your bunny that will keep them entertained and be good for their teeth.

Newspaper or Kraft paper can be folded into Origami shapes and make fun toys for your bunny to fling around and chew.

You can find easy instructions on YouTube for folding paper into basic Origami shapes like stars, hearts, swans, butterflies, or even a bunny.

Once you've practiced a bit you can do fancier paper folding techniques and make little paper boxes and hide some timothy pellets inside for your bunny to chew into the box and get the goodies!!

I recommend that you only use newspaper or Kraft paper and not traditional colored Origami paper as Origami paper has dyes that may be toxic to your bunny.

We have a very special winner of our Toy Contest this month. She's a little bunny named Satchi who now lives at The Rabbit Haven in Santa Cruz, CA. Satchi was rescued after she was attacked by a dog and got an infection all the way to the bone. Little Satchi had her leg amputated in late May and is recovering very nicely. We hope Satchi has a complete recovery and finds a great forever home.

You can see Satchi on our Contest Page and also enter your bunny for a chance to win a free toy.

You can read more about Satchi's story on this link.

As always, we like to offer you a salad recipe to tempt your bunnies and get them to try some new flavor combinations.

This month we have a variation of a classic Wedge Salad.

Bunny Wedge Salad

Serves 2 Bunnies

1 Small head of Red Butter lettuce

4 blueberries

¼ cup snow pea shoots (or other sprouts)

¼ cup of diced lemon grass

½ cup frisée lettuce torn into small pieces

Slice the Red Butter lettuce head in half diagonally. (Cut into ¼ if you can't find a small head, each half will serve one bunny.)

Use each half as a base to hold the rest of the salad ingredients.

Sprinkle snow pea shoots and frisée across the tops of the lettuce halves.

Add a layer of diced lemon grass pieces.

Slice blueberries into quarters and arrange on top of each lettuce half.

Bun Appétit

Until next time, here's wishing you and your bunnies stay cool and have a wonderful summer!!!


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