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Funny Bunny Toy Company - August Newsletter

Hoppy Summer Everyone!!

We're half way through the summer and I hope you and your bunnies have been staying cool and having fun!

I just got through moving again. That is always a huge job. It seems like unpacking takes me twice as long as packing, but this time I hope to stay put for a long time.

While getting ready to move I decided to research the best way to load animal carriers for a safe car trip. I thought I'd share what I found out with you. This is the safest way for a long car trip or a short trip to the veterinarian's office.

I used to put the carrier belted in the front seat so I could calm my bunnies down. It's tempting to put your fur baby in the front seat so you can talk to her while you drive. Besides being distracting, the danger of an airbag opening during a collision can cause injury to your bunny or even break open the carrier and eject your bunny.

Instead of having your bunny travel up front, put her in the back seat. Make sure the carrier is horizontal to the windshield and rear window, rather than facing front and back. That way if there is an impact your fur baby won't slide face first into the carrier door; sliding sideways will cause less of an impact and fewer injuries. Strap the carrier in using the seat belt around the long side of the carrier and through the handle on top.

Always carry cold water and a bowl to offer your bunny a drink when you make stops. Put some fresh wet greens in the carrier for your bunny to enjoy along the way. Offering a few raisins is always a welcome surprise!

Today when you clean your bunny's litter box, consider saving the poop. Yes, that's right, your eyes didn't deceive you, I suggested saving bunny poop! If you are an avid gardener, or you have a few potted plants in your patio or on your front porch, your bunny's poop is magical fertilizer. Most animal poop like horse, cow, or chicken poop needs to be composted before adding to plants or garden soil, but not bunny poop. Bunny poop is ready to use fresh from your bunny.

Add some poop around your roses, flowering potted plants, or your vegetable garden. You can sprinkle the poop on top of the soil or mix it in, either way it is great fertilizer full of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

If you really want to get creative with your bunny's poop you can make Bunny Poop Tea. That's right, but not the kind of tea to drink, it's for your plants to drink.

To make Bunny Poop Tea you will need a "tea bag" (either an old pillow case, some cheese cloth, muslin, or a burlap bag), a 5 gallon bucket, and some water.

Save up your bunny's poop for a week or so. Fill the "tea bag" so you have 1/3 bunny poop to 2/3 water when you put your pillow case in the 5 gallon bucket. Let the "tea bag" sit in the water for 3 – 5 days.

Your tea will be a darkish-brown. You will need to dilute your tea before using it. Dilute your Bunny Poop Tea until it is the color of weak tea, a pale yellowish-brown.

Pour about 1 pint (2 cups) of Bunny Poop Tea around each plant. You and your bunny can make a constant supply of fertilizer and you will never need to spend money on fertilizer again. Your friends will be clamoring for some of your Bunny Poop Tea or bunny poop for their gardens.

Bunny poop is great on all vegetables except for root vegetables (carrots, potatoes, beets) since bunny poop has a lot of nitrogen which is great at making leaves grow but takes energy from the root vegetable.

Since your bunnies have done their share to fertilize your garden, it's time to make a delicious salad to reward them.

This month we have a recipe for a Fennel Napoleon.

Fennel Napoleon

(Serves 2 bunnies)

1 - Fennel bulb (reserve tops for another day)

½ - Bunch of Italian Parsley (chopped)

4 – Butter lettuce leaves (kale, chard, or other greens may be substituted)

Your bunny's Fennel Napoleon will have 3 layers of fennel slices with filling in between.

Cut fennel bulb crosswise into 3 slices approx. ¼” thick.

On a bunny safe dish, lay down one circle of fennel to form the base of the Fennel Napoleon.

For the filling add 2 lettuce leaves and some chopped parsley. Fold or cut lettuce leaves to the size of the fennel round.

Top this with another slice of fennel and more filling. Then add the final piece of fennel.

Bun Appétit

At Funny Bunny Toy Company we are gearing up for the holiday season. We're working on some ideas for new holiday toys for your special bunnies. I'll talk more about them in another newsletter as the holidays get closer.

Don't forget to visit our website and enter your bunny in our contest for a chance to win a free toy. No strings, just a free toy if your bunny's name is drawn and a chance for your bunny to be seen and look adorable on our contest page!! Our next drawing will be held on Sept. 1st.

This month's lucky winner is Arty.

Here's hoping you have a wonderful rest of your summer.

Hoppy Summer!!