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Funny Bunny Toy Company - Hoppy Valentine's Day

Hoppy Valentine's Day!

Love is in the air, and that goes for your bunny too. If your bunny is not part of a pair right now, consider taking your bunny in to your local House Rabbit Society Chapter, or local shelter, and set up some dates for your bunny.
Don't expect your bunny to love the first bunny they meet, and don't expect your bunny to select a mate who is similar in size, breed, sex, or color.
Bunnies seem to have their own opinions when it comes to picking a mate and they find love through their eyes, ears, and nose.

I have had two pairs of bunnies who found love at first sight, but I'm told that isn't the norm. Occasionally you'll find a bunny that just doesn't care for other bunnies even though most bunnies are by nature very social animals and are happiest living with other rabbits. If your bunny isn't fond of other bunnies, try seeking out a friend of a different species for them. Cats make fantastic friends for bunnies. I've had kitties who thought they were a bunny because they'd never been around other cats, and lived happily with rabbits.

Don't worry about whether your bunny will give all of their affection to their new bunny mate and not love you as much. Your bunny will have room in their heart for you and their new bunny friend, just as you will be able to love another bunny!

There are so many bunnies sitting in shelters and rescues waiting for new homes; this Valentine's Day is the perfect time to give the gift of love to your single bunny and to a bunny in need of a home.

Two bunnies are not any more work, and they will keep each other from being bored which means they won't get into as much destructive mischief. Twice the buns equal twice the fun!!

It's traditional to give Valentine's Day cards to our family, friends and those we love. I have an easy project to make Valentine's Day "cards" for your bunnies that will be fun for them to play with.

Take several days worth of newspapers. Place about 4 – 6 sheets of newspaper together. Cut into roughly 4" squares. Make a pile of 4" squares.

Pick up as many squares as you think you can cut through with your scissors, approx. 6 - 8 squares. Fold the squares of newspaper in half.
Cut a half of a heart shape on one side the fold of the paper so it goes through both sides at once. You’ll have a whole heart when you unfold the paper. You may trace one first if you'd like for a pattern. You can either pile these hearts up, or you can fold them in half again, and cut a smaller heart out of the center of the heart so there is a heart shaped hole in the middle of the hearts. I like to make an assortment of heart shapes and sizes.

Cut as many paper hearts as you'd like, the more the better. Scatter the hearts around for your bunnies to find. Pile them up a bit and your bunny will have a great Valentine's Day digging and chewing up their special Valentine's "cards".

Since its Valentine's season, I thought a salad made from red leafy greens would be apropos.

Valentine's Day Salad

(Serves 2 Bunnies)


1 Small head of Radicchio

¼ Head of Red Mizuna

1 Strawberry or 2 Raspberries

2 Leaves of Red Butter Lettuce


Reserve 2 Red Butter Lettuce leaves to act as the bowl to hold salad ingredients

Chop Radicchio and Red Mizuna as you would to make cole slaw

Place chopped greens atop Red Butter Lettuce leaf bowls

Top each bowl with a strawberry cut in half which will resemble a heart

Bun Appétit!!

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Until next time, wishing all of you a Hoppy Valentine's Day,